Sandbox Jurassic world the game (alternative version)

So I wonder if Ludia created an alternative jwtg and it has sandbox mode. It has the same graphics as the original version but there are new things in the alternative version and here are the new things: sandbox mode, generate dino, generate resources, create model, create new game modes, create new creature template card and finally the last new thing: create new rarity tiers

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kinda creative mode in “square thingy game” right?

There’d be no reason do this… not every game needs a sandbox mode.


I would just like ludia to allow us player to name our dinos, like it would show in the paddock name and in the roster.
Edit: Just like code19s it would also be nice if ludia adds more mini games

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Thanks @Indominus_Rexy

This is actually my idea first but someone wants one besides me