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Santuary - animal overlaps

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Very similar to strike post issue.

Hey Hyperspace70, if this happens again, could you try restarting your game and see if the creature leaves the Sanctuary area?

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Hi Ned, nope. I have another animal trapped in sancuary today, and restart did not work.

I had a tarbo yesterday same thing. Even changing angles and trying just head or tail wouldnt work. The only trick I’ve had work is enter sanctuary then leave. Sometimes dino will load up before sanctuary and you can click then. Not ideal when riding around tho.

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Oh, good trick. Lemme try once more next time.
When you see the tail, and it is Dilopho’s, you get sad and quietly weep :’(

It’s very irritating when it’s a valuable creature, there because of a scent capsule, and you almost don’t get the 2nd scent capsule creature you got from moving because you were trying so hard to get this one (and you only get 1 creature in the next 2 minute mark because you weren’t moving enough, because you really wanted that epic you never ever see that was poking her head out of the top of the sanctuary…)

Yeah, this might have happened to me, once. Or twice.

Yup, this is another point. I learned it the hard way not to burn a scent near sanctuaries.

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