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Sarchosuchus & Dilophosaurus


So these two dinosaurus used to spawn like rabbits in my neighborhood. Now since they go into hybrids, they are non-existent. What is the recommended way to find out where they are? I’ve never understood zones/habitats, etc. Just drive around until you see one, or what?


Depending on night or day, use this chart as a guide. For example, If you are hunting at night, and you see a lot of dilophosaurus gen 2, high chances are that you are in local zone 3. Easiest way to find out what local zone you are at is to look and see what commons are spawning around you, and compare. Or even spotting a local rare, for example the megalosaurus, will tells me that i’m in local zone 2.

#3 has a blogpost dated July 26th that contains this type of info (see link below), but here is the gist:

Sarcosuchus is a “local anytime” spawn that appears in areas where Common Dilophosaurus, Deinocheirus, and Tenontosaurus spawn.

Dilophosaurus (Rare) is a “local” spawn found during Day/Dawn/Dusk where Euoplocephalus, Lythronax, and Purrusaurus Gen 2 can be seen.

The charts have gotten a little more difficult to interpret with this latest update, but that comes with the added variety of creatures. And yes, in other words, you’ll have to seek out specific types of creatures in different areas until you learn where they tend to be. It’ll be a new learning curve for all of us.

Best of luck and happy hunting!


wish the zones were drawn on the map. i’m in #3 for sure, dilophosaurus is in #1. sarcho in #2.
anyone know how big the zones are, or if you are in one zone, how to find where the other zones are?


@bagoyee The zones aren’t too big in my area, within a 3 mile radius, I was able to reach all different local zones. You pretty much just keep going until you see what I call a borderline zone. Where you might see one dino of a local zone, and another dino of a different local zone together. For example, you see a lot of wild kaprosuchus, then you start to see some wild megalosaurus. Huge indicator that you have changed local zones. I always keep track of the specific day/ night dinos to let me know where i’m at.


I have also noticed this with Dilophosaurus. I used to collect him just because he was my favorite dino, but live right next to the #1 habitat and maybe see one or 2 a week. It used to be like 2 a day.



Im grinding like crazy dilofosaurus now and is in the zone where you can find during the day the eurplocephalus and litronax


I randomly found 4 Dilo’s yesterday, but again nothing so far today. It seems like it is very random. But there are lots of Epics out today, so can’t complain