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Sarco Strike events?


I would like to see some sarco and croc strike events in the future. Really hard to get sarcosuchus DNA for the sarcorixis. There is just not enough sarco spawns to get the DNA for the Sarcorixis


I thought so at first for a long while myself. If I may suggest, if you’re able, try and get out to a new area to hunt for dinos. Especially if you see them in a certain area near you, head further in that direction some. A lot of times going just a little further results in a wealth of new dinosaurs to catch! That’s pretty much what happened to me when I was originally trying to make Sarcorixis…one day I noticed one or two Sarcosuchus at my local Walmart…headed a lil further down the road in that direction, and started seeing them all over the place. Now I have more Sarcosuchus DNA than I’ll ever need to spend lol.


Can we switch areas please? I see sarco day and night in Local 2, let’s trade :grinning:


Dunno about a ‘croc strike’ event. There’s already way too many useless purrus around here. Grypo is useless, as well. Sarco is the only one worth the effort.

And you just know that any tower incub will contain less Sarco, and more useless purru and grypo.


There’s lots of crocodile meat where I live.


Too much giant caiman here for my liking.


In leveling Sarcorixis its the Nundasuchus I can’t get enough of. Only in parks now and need much.

L2 got Sarco.


I noticed a few Sarco a few blocks over from me…so ive started running over there a couple times a day…im in zone 4 cuz of all the Parasauralfus that occupy our area…we also get alot of Spinos too


I could do with a lot more paras here. Need them for fusing paramoloch. Need more nodo, as well.