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Sarcomoth the new horned croc - 2021-05-09T152423.358
Due to the large size and feathers sarcomoth can’t swim only getting close to the water and hoping it can catch a fish if not it would hunt amphibians around the water

What do your think
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Yess new rixis

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Sometimes when I make hybrids i don’t think of how similar they are to other in-game creatures :joy:

Maybe the ferocity and the resistances reminded me of rixis,it’s probably only me

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It’s a unique rix

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Is that a good thing

It looks terrifying…

LOVE that new image! That’s awesome!!

Maybe tone done the attack a bit, because of the persistent ferocious strike I would. Maybe exchange lethal wound of gashing and give it a even 30% amor but other then that nice job!

In a good way though lol


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