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Sarcorixis any good?


Just wanted to know if it’s any good in the arena?
I have 3000 eniasuchos dna do I save it for him or lvl up Sarcorixis.


I’ve been battling with Sarcorixis and, so far, she’s been pretty good. I’m still undecided on if she’s better than Einia or not though, so I’ve kept her at Level 11 for now.


Main benefits to using it over Einiosuchus is another x1.5 damage move, and Greater Stunning Impact (75% stun vs 50%). Armor-piercing Strike is kinda cool too. Still has armor and decent speed, 20% crit rate is worth mentioning.

Seems like it has lower attack but that’s hopefully offset by the more damaging moves. Einiosuchus’ healing has come in handy a few times though, and lets it handle certain things a lot better.