Sarcorixis Buff


Hello. Does anyone else feel that the Sarcorixis needs a buff? These are currently it’s stats when you first fuse it

I like the moveset Sarcorixis has, but I’m not a big fan of it’s stats. The health on Sarcorixis seems too low for it to really do anything. I feel as if the speed should either be increased, or give the Sarcorixis a bit more armor. I know it’s only a hybrid between a common, and a rare. However, that rare is a hybrid.

I also noticed while doing the friendly battles that a level 26 Sarcosuchus has more health than the Sarcorixis. Sarcorixis had 3,900 health while Sarcosuchus had 4,200. Rare hybrids like Diplotator, and Ankylocodon also have more health than Sarcorixis at level 26 and they’re only rare hybrids while Sarcorixis is a epic.

Please let me know what you guys think of the Sarcorixis right now, and whether it needs a buff or not.


I thought is HP looked fine when glancing at it. Important to remember as well that 2 of its 4 moves do 1.5x damage and one of them increases its attack, so even in your screenshot’s stats it would be doing 2500-ish damage in 2 turns, and 3500 in 3 turns. For a Lv 11 the damage output there sounds pretty good.


Yeah, like I said, I like the moveset it has. However, there are other epic hybrids that have the attack increasing buffs like Sarcorixis but are faster.


I agree. I einiasuchus is broken, yet its hybrid is underpowered. It also loses armor from its fusion, and both its components are armored. Einiasuchus has einiosaurus (15% armor) and nundasuchus (no armor) and comes out with 20%. I just think sarcorixis needs to be beefier, not stronger. 20% armor and at least the same health as sarcosuchus.


Einiasuchus has better speed, armor and health in trade for power (minor almost same) and crit chance (still 20% not enough to make a diffrence due to its speed).

Einiasuchus is out there in the top 500 and lower. Its skillset is very good and stats are super for a hybrid.
Sacrorixis is not out there at all. I think i have maybe battled it in arena 5 one time?
Interesting skillset but no speed and HP or armor means you wont get to use these skills anyway so useless dino.