Sarcorixis buff?

Im i the only one who thinks that sarcorixis needs a buff? (I probably am…:sweat_smile::drooling_face:) I really like sarcorixis and i came up with some buff Ideas! (Just for fun don’t @ me)

Armor increased to 20% instead of 15%
Critical chance increased to 20% or 30%
Lockdown strike becomes lockdown impact
Armor piercing strike becomes defence shattering strike
Speed increased to 120 instead of 117
Regenaration instead of lockdown strike

Comment if u agree or disagree with any of these! :thinking::thinking::hugs:

Heres a picture of Sarcorixis, because why not

She actually used to have lockdown Impact, but she got nerfed

the new grypo unique looks like it in the silhouette

Move to suggestions?
I agree that she needs a couple tweaks. IMO her best asset currently is her swap in shield, which while not as good as say the alanqa/alankyo, can still be quite useful.
I’d like to see a balance where a player can either use a team of their favorite family or be completely variable and use everything across the spectrum…
I’m a long way off from seeing my own Grypolyth in action, but Sarc was potentially the best of the gator family. (Hey don’t Gators regenerate naturally? :wink:)

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its so hard to give sarc the dna and not ein… considering this is also the cleanse and stun meta