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Sarcorixis Bug

This has happened multiple times now but instant distraction does not work on Sarcoixis. Most recent battle, I used Procera instant distract and Sarcoixis used ferocious strike but was able to hit with around 1750 in damage.

Yeah, for some reason Instant Distract isn’t 100% effective. I’ve had it not work at all, let only 50% of attack through, and sometimes it’s weird when crits are involved (like taking 370 damage from a crit that would only have been about 1400 total)

its not a bug,simple math:
-90+50%dmg= -40% dmg

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Then the math is wrong. As an example:

Procera instant distract (priority) -90%
Sarcorixis base attack 1000-90 ID = 100
Sarcorixis ferocious attack 50% 100+50 = 150

It should not be giving out over 1750 attack if priority instant distract is against either base attack or combined base attack + ferocious 50%

Sarcorixis has ferocious impact, not ferocious strike.

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Ok…either way though it shouldn’t impact how the ID is supposed to be calculated.

there is no priority when you calcule total damage.
Ferocious abilities are direct counter to distractions

Ferocious abilities counter distraction?
I really didn’t know that!

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when you do a simple distraction which deal -50% damage?your opponent earn +50%dmg so he deal 100% normal damage
When you do a debilatiting distraction which deal -75%dmg?Your opponent earn +50% damage so he deal 75% damage
When you do an instant distraction whichdeal -90%dmg?Your opponent earn +50%damage so he deal 60% damage
When you have accumulate 2 distraction of -50%dmg (100% in total)?Your opponent earn +50%dmg so he deal 50%dmg
Easy math,so in fact,ferocious is an indirect counter to distraction

I’ve been playing this for over a year, and I thought when you instant distracted a Dino with ferocious on, it still distracted 90% of the damage. Likewise a normal distraction would still distract 50% of the ferocious move.
I should pay more attention, and it’s any wonder I can’t seem to climb in the arena! :blush:

Its the way this game calculates percentages… logically most people think 50% distraction and next turn another 50% distraction equals 25% damage but this game always does modifiers on the base number not the modified number so 50+50= 100.

When you distract your only ever distracting their base attack value. And the attack buffs work the same way so your only negating their base attack not the buff attack.

Its wierd system but its always been like that and not a bug.

That makes sense but it really should distract the ENTIRE strike as it’s only been made clear superiority strike or immune wont be affected by distract option.


Simply put, Instant Distraction n is based on the base attack, not the add-on attacks.

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@Ned is it possible to get the developers to confirm what’s being discussed above? I’ve also been playing this game since the start and it’s news to me that a ferocious strike now counters distraction.

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Its mosly because there were not really good ferocious users late game before exept gorgosuchus(which was not so good)
Now the meta change and you start to see instant distraction and ferocious in the same tim
And in the case of sarcorixis,its worst because its a ferocious IMPACT (basically a 1,5x dmg move with +50%dmg)

So a 1.5 move with 50% actually still does 1.25x damage on a 90% instant distraction?
Since it only distracts base damage, that’s the .5 of the 1.5 and 50% of 1,5 which is .75 so .75+.50 =1.25 unaffected, add the 10% and it’s a mass if damage despite the distraction.

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IMO, distraction should affect entire move/strike unless superiority strike/cleanse/immune. It gets too complicated trying to figure out % of what the impact would be based on formulas you guys are listing above. Make it simple and easy…distract does complete 90% or 50%.

I agree, you need a degree in math to work this all out!

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It has always been like that. The percentages are based on the base damage. It doesn’t add 50% to its attack power after being distracted. Whatever the base damage is, you would subtract 90% and then add 50% back to it. Basically, just subtract 40% if your opponent is about to power up.

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Hey MHSzymczyk, that is working as intended. If I understand correctly, the damage in the scenario would only be reduced by 40%.

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