Sarcorixis finally good?

I read the article on metahub (and the tier list) and saw that Sarcorixis is actually able to take thor on. Just took a look at her 1.8 kit and good lord, it actually looks pretty good now. What are youre thoughts on the finally viable (albeit low apex) Sarcorixis?

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Had a battle with a boosted one earlier today. Won’t lie, went to work on taking it down as quickly as I could, using dinos I otherwise wouldn’t have at that point. Brutal when that ferocious strike is active…

I use a boosted lvl 20 sarco! So good. Ma fav!

I have fought a boosted L29. It is tough, but needs to be leveled high and boosted like crazy - for end game use I suppose.

But yes, the rework did a world of good for it.

Here’s the article if anyone wants to check it out! :grin:

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This is why so many teams run with the rat!
I’d be pretty peeved if my unique was losing consistently to an epic and I have to wonder if this simulator is available to game press, then why don’t Ludia use it too?
Surely the nature of the game is to get the best dinos in your team, and by the nature of how hard it is to create the uniques, they should be the best?
Maybe not …

I think the nature of the game ideally is to run the team that works best for you. I love that there are more viable “end game” dinos. And boosts make anything possible really. I mean Thor is just one good match up for Sarcorixis, but there are plenty of other uniques that do well against it. I think it’s cool that an epic hybrid can put Thor in it’s place, especially in the lower arenas where it can run rampant against teams that may not even have a unique on the team.


Now for the next question: is it now better than Einiasuchus

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