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*Sarcorixis intensifies*

While checking my DNA stocks, i tapped my sarcorixis to do a few fusions. After setting it to 5, i notice i have enough for 250 fusions.
I then press 250 to see the price, but didn’t wanted to gather this much DNA. After all, it looks expensive, even if i consider it being a good fighter, i was already investing in Bajaguanodon

Now time for some explanation : in order to do a fuse, i’ll touch 5 and Fuse nearly at the same time. But here, guess i clicked Fuse BEFORE 5, so the game proceeded to 250 fuses of sarcorixis, giving me a nice 5800 DNA, but then took a whopping 25K gold.
Whatever entity made this happen, it certainly liked the idea of me including sarcorixis in my team : Not only this, but my fuses for Bajaguanodon were trash (Did 4*5 Fuses, got only 70-80).

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The Sarcorixis demands to be on your team apparently. It chose you


I might actually add it, since i’m at 4600TRs, there’s not too much nitro thors or boosted abominations (Yet i still see some from time to time), i still can play dinos that aren’t
named Geminititan or Indoraptor G2.
After checking, it seems that this thing is High Apex. Didn’t expected it to be that good.
I already seen how centralizing he was alongside IndoG2 and Procerat during epic tourneys, but guess even when Legendaries and Uniques are thrown into the mix he performs really well


That’s great, I hope it works out if you do use it.

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Since I don’t worry about my trophies too much, I’ve been leveling up creatures for the weekend tournaments. Rixis being one of them. I may slightly boost it in the future. :3

Its a good add for certain teams!


Then why even click 250 fuses. If 5 fuses cost 500 then 250 would cost 25,000 it’s simple math. And why are you focusing on Baja?

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@IndominosRax @Sean_Sperry


My 27 sarco just replaced my 27 spyx. Not long after I reached 5830 cups. The highest I’ve ever been. Also a huge help in the tournament

Sarcorixis appreciates your sacrifice!

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Sarcorixis is a destroyer in this tournament!

I ended up putting 2 more speed boost on it. I’ve been top 50 highest was 32


Great attacker and a strong tank. I would have run it if i could keep getting sarco, but that was in my noobs days

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Same! I used to see it all over and would be mad I kept finding the croc and no dinos. Then it was stashed in a park and been there forever! I had to request dna for like a month to max it lol

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Is it fate itself? It seems that putting sarcoxixis is your destiny


I am going to say congrats to you anyhow because I enjoy using her on my teams. :sweat_smile:
Congratulations, @IndominosRax!