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Sarcorixis is broken?

Why is Sarcorixis not affected by instant distraction? He hit me with 1700 damage under his boost 50% damage and 90% distraction! Whaaaaaat…???
This happens all the time! He’s not immune!
Sorry my English.

If I remember correctly its +87.5% - 50%. So its 1.375 x its base damage.


Its because of its ferocious attack. It’ll still add the damage. Any creature with a FI will do this even with Distraction

Plus 50% minus 90% is a reduction of only 40%.

Just like you said. All distraction and ferious effects are addictive (in contrast to crit and multi-attacks), so:

  • tryostronix with ready to crush and fourius impact gets damage x2 (+50%+50% = +100%), not 1.5*1.5=2.25
  • instant distracted Sarcorixis using ferocious impact (1.51.5=2.25), gains +50%-90%=-40% distraction so 1.50.6=0.9 base damage (but 1700 means 30lvl with boosts)
  • distraction (-50%) and ferocious cancel each other out (it’s not 1.5*0.5=75% but full 100%)
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True, except Tryo has a ferocious strike, not impact. Me and probably lots of players have been wondering if this FI isn’t too powerful, and I guess the answer is we should have heavy tanks or dodgers available… Otherwise, use equal forces