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Sarcorixis is pretty good now and definitely better than einiasuchus


After the update Sarcorixis just become a 2.0 Einiasuchus with a 75% stun, Lockdown stike (2 turns) and a 50% shield swap in, since they now have pretty much the same status he can do a lot of damage, stun, lock and tank (especially if swapped to it) he is defintely a good tactical dino and is doing pretty good for me on 3600 trophies, give it a try :slight_smile:. Also, really happy they changed him this way, is just no sense having a super hybrid and the hybrid that is used for it being better, looking for you next Monostegotops xD


Mine is still at a sad level 11, time to farm Sarchsuchu and Einiasuchus again.


Mine is 16 and already doing better than my lvl 18 einiasuchus


my first battle post-update my opponent started with a level 21 sarcorixis. shocking. never seen it in arena 8. haven’t since either so :unamused:


I think that from arena 8 ahead theres just no room for it on the teams despite being good