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Sarcorixis needs a hybrid

ok , so sarcorixis does need a unique or legendary hybrid. We always get loads of einosuchus from the weekly incubators, and sarcorixis is not that good. I think it would make sense actually.
Im hoping: sarcorixis and stegodeus, or sarcorixis trystronix.
It would be awsoem with a super aromred croc with slowing, stun and ferocious.
Also: An immune croc with a lot of ferocious abilities

I think a super hybrid epic cannot be used as ingredient for another hybrid, remember some one has mentioned it before somewhere.


I have. But it’s probably not me you’re thinking of. lol Superhybrids are the last step in a line. Kind of like how a Pokemon can’t evolve more than two times.


Haha it might have been you, but there is no way I can remember, another way I tell myself is only “pure” epic dinos can be used for fusing, seems easier to remember in this way.

It’s already a super hybrid (a hybrid of a hybrid) Ludia has never made a class above that yet. Sucks for some dinos. (Stegodeus, monostegotops, sarcorixis, nodopatotitan, gigaspiksaurus, etc)

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Or Ludia could change it to become a legendary/unique,buff it’s stats and do some other things

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Class above unique: God. But Lord Lythronax will not let anyone have that spot.
Alternatively … (Scaphognathus + Sarcosuchus) + Einiosaurus = Sarcophagus. I really want to draw this and Santacalus (possible hybrid with Christmas Chicken and Diplocalus G2) whenever I’ll get the time.


Sarcorixis is the only Epic hybrid that is made from a “pest” of one of the zones (Einiosaurus from local 2). What could use a hybrid are all the others that are made with “pests” from other zones (Diplotator, Suchotator and Majundasuchus).


If anything we need a legendary or Unique hybrid directly with Eniasuchus. She has potential to have an amazing hybrid.

Maybe with Tanycolagreus or Edmontoguanodon. Or perhaps Werhurosaurus.