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Sarcorixis ONE bite to rule them all?

Bug Description:
I was facing a Sarcorixis level 23 in a PvP. The monster only needed exactly ONE move to destroy my dino, some 3200 and more attack points were involved. Impossible if you do the math!

Area is was found in: Marshes

How do you reproduce the bug:
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How often does it happen:

What type of device are you using:

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It is highly possible. Sarcorixis has decent attack and when paired with attack boosts and Ferocious Impact, it’s a monster


I wondering, why so many players dont use the rixi. Its a nightmare with boosts and will Do a fine job, even at the beginning of a JWA career

Depends on how much attack it had. I faced one with 2000 attack, ferocious impact is really powerful. A level 26 Rixis can do about 3k damage with FI unboosted.

Don’t post complaining on bug reports. There are genuine bugs that need attention, not rixis doing a lot of damage.


I used to run Sarcorixis in my team when boosts 1.0 was around. It needs more boosts to be good, especially the fact that everything has immune to stuns

how much HP did your team have? How much dmg did that sarcorixis have? Also remember, ferocious impact is a VERY powerful move, so don’t expect such a puny number.


Lvl 19 and had about 1400 something damage
It did 3300+ damage with FI

Should do 3150 unless it crits.

That’s if it was exactly 1400, it was around 1480 I think

This thing is absolutely a monster. Dishes out tons of damage. Fought one recently that dealt almost 70% to my Tryko with Ferocious Impact, which doesn’t even pierce armor, holy cow. It had like 140 speed and I lost. Lol

Sarcorixis is my next project after I’m done leveling Gorgosuchus. Gorgo is 26 now and ready for 27, and Sarco is 20. I plan to get both of them to 30 eventually, just for fun!