Sarcorixis or Grypolyth

My team is more offensively based and i was wondering if i should use Sarcorixis since it received a huge overhaul for the better, and is actually quite decent now. Should i use Grypolyth or Sarcorixis for the team’s “croc slot”

Im leaning towards getting rid of Tragodistis. What do you guys think?

(Spinotasuchus is getting replaced with Erlikospyx and Smiloceph is getting replaced with Quetzorion)

I don’t have Grypoly at team level, but I’ve played against some high level ones and that counter attack is brutal. Yes, Sarcorixis can be good in certain matchups (Thor) but I think Grypoly has more end game potential.

Trago for dilo

Anything that lacks armor/shield bypassing moves and distraction moves, Grypo can just maul

I hope they do Grypo as the daily epic next.

I hope it’s Darwin.