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Sarcorixis tweak

instead of immobilize maybe give it lethal would seeing as its main parent (sarcosuchus) has it


i would agree only if it replace ferocious impact :slight_smile:

Dear lord this would make it defeat everything. Resilient=bleed, cunning=Resilient strike and ferocious= stun+ Ferocious impact

I love the idea!!

That it would destroy everything. :frowning:

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change the ferocious impact to ferocious strike then

I dunno, I feel like the point is since the einasuchus is a parent is to be a stunning gator. They leaned more towards that creature in stats honestly. They’d probably also lower the armor and impact if they add lethal wound.

Ferocious impact is the best part, no thanks lol
Honestly the kit is fine as is


Yeah I don’t mind the kit, but if it’s going to be resilient it needs to do less damage, especially with a ferocious move to boost that damage even higher. Maybe that comes in the form of an attack nerf, maybe it’s changing Ferocious Impact to Ferocious Strike (I tend to prefer the former), but something like that has to change. Not much else though.

I don’t think It necessarily needs to do less damage as long as there’s enough counters in it’s rarity, Ludia didn’t really solve this issue of the weak hybrids despite the tweaks some of them recieved. I think it’s fair to rework the other weak epics before saying that it’s sarco that needs a nerf. If it’s still too strong than yes, nerf It. But as of now many epics still need a buff, It isn’t fair to compare them to a good superhybrid like sarco as equals

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How about we leave sarcorixis alone. It isn’t even the best epic anyways

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But it is a lifesaver in many occasions, that’s why I have a lvl 22 rixis on my team

I use it too. It’s doing quite well in mid gyro at 28. I love it

Even people at shores use lvl 30 max-boosted rixis