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Sarcorixis vs. Procerathomimus

I encountered several times in the last tourneys that when I have this matchup I often start Procerat with instant distraction assuming my opponent starts with ferocious impact but then receive over 1000 damage though (both at L26, no boosts)… Should ID not reduce the damage 90% which would mean around 300? Does anyone else have this and if so could explain to me? Thx

You see, damage buffs and debuffs in this game are additive, not multiplicative. This means you don’t calculate base impact damage plus 50%=x
And then subtract 90% of x, in this scenario.

Instead, you take the base impact damage, let it be, say y, add 50% of y, and subtract 90% of y.

So you’re left with base impact damage +50%-90% which gives you a net buff of -40% damage.
So the Rixis ends up dealing 60% of its base impact damage.

In short, just find the sum of the percentages. Plus fifty minus ninety is minus forty.

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Thx for the detailed explanation , now I got it… :ok_hand:
Playing this game for almost two years now and still not understand every battle mechanics :man_facepalming:


exactly, thanks for explaining so i didnt have to type all that with a device im not familiar with

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I remember when I first realized this, due to a similar situation actually. I was so mad that my enemy’s damage output was doing more than it should because, well, I thought it was a bug. If I remember correctly, I think I came on here to report it and was pretty promptly told that everything was working as intended.

I always count on this when I face procerat :smiley: it’s what saves me usually…that thing is so strong when it’s on the enemy team :joy: