Looking pretty sick, can’t wait to start fusing the rest :grin:


You are fast. How is it compared against Enia?


Just got it :smiley: so glad I collected all that ‘useless’ sarco dna


that´s good dmg and tank, for me it´s ok, and easy creter, do it guys in your team !


Just got it too. Gonna try it now! :smiley::smiley::smiley:


guys what mission it´s a save alls? no discripton what to do?


13 already, he can stay :sweat_smile:


Considering my nickname for the Sarcosuchus is “NO ONE CARES,” you can imagine that I might be kicking myself a little for bypassing it, even if it is the most common dinosaur in my area… :wink:


Very nice!! I haven’t got a chance to use her in battle yet, but she looks like a beast. Need to work on that legendary now, to think of all the dilophosaurus I’ve passed up, hurts in the inside a bit. Luckily one just spawned near my house, off to hunting :smile:

Dilophosaurus is currently at lvl 13, and ouranosaurus lvl 15 with 1000+ fuse pts… time to grind. Wish me luck all. This legendary is just beautiful.


gorgosucho so pro now, its increse brocken shield same rex, a new shilld he have 4 skills now 0.o =)


Don’t worry too much about it. I’ve been hunting her for like 5 days now and I already have 5k DNA, you’ll get the hybrid soon enough :3


sarchosuchus seems like its taken off the map. i see 0 out


4 of the new hybrids aren’t accessable by now. I can access Ankylocodon for exampe via Ankylosaurus (2) and Ophiacodon. But if I visit Ankylocodon itself, there are no fusing options.


All of mine are open for making them IF I had enough DNA. I have restarted my game 4 times since the big update and had to download more updates every time.


Hm… that didn’t work for me. It doesn’t even show me, how much DNA I would need.


I almost have mine!