Sardonyx; The Apex Spinosaurid

First and foremost, I’ve been gone for awhile but heyyyy, at least I’m back with a strong return; An Apex Spinosaurid idea.

Sardonyx is an old idea of mine and I honestly anticipated that we’d get a Spinosaurid Apex by now but here we are. Sardonyx originates from two sources:
-Sardonyx is a rock, layered segments of Sard and Onyx to make an almost Agate type formation. This is where the color palette originated from
-Sardonyx is also a combination of the word “Sardonic” and “Onyx”, which directly translates to “Cynical Claw”

Sardonyx fills a really unique niche in terms of gameplay, a consistent group wounder. Every single one of its moves effects the group in constant, steady ways, slowly knocking off portions of health of entire teams at once. Conceptually, this seems OP, however after testing in the Battle Simulator (in 1v1, 2v2, and general Arena simulations), I can safely say that this all attacking Apex does indeed have its share of fair weaknesses.

The drawing took a total of 5 hours and 23 minutes to make, hope you guys appreciate it (:
Ludia where can I go to apply as a concept artist


That looks awesome! Nice move it!

Amazing job, congrats :confetti_ball::champagne:

It’s probably in the fine print somewhere, but now that you’ve posted that picture here it probably belongs to them…

Best apex creatures I have ever seen