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Sarvin bug in battle mode

I dont know how or when the conditions are met for this to happen but It did 3 times already.
In battle mode, it seems that sarvin procs a 150 000 no crit attack. Last time it happened he got is multi attack proc from the legendary bow and hit my entire line (3 heroes) for 151 000 dmg. He then normal attacked my last here for 150 999.

Like I said this has happened to me 3 times already (always against me) and it always turned the tide as the archer was the last enemy alive and soloed my entire party.

Anyone got that too or am I the only one?
Wanna know to see if it’s a common bug or isolated to my ID

I Haven’t seen this one yet, but when Saarvin’s legendary Bow procs to hit everyone, it actually only happens about half the time.

They did change that the Legendary Bow’s proc was only for the Lane and not “All enemy” so this might be what you are experiencing.

I see that now, thanks. The text and icon in game haven’t changed. brilliant.

Finally was able to get a screenshot. This is anytime sarvin proc his legendary bow in battle mode… it shouldn’t happen


A second one. He wiped a 3vs1 with 2 turns of 170 k + attacks

Here another proof.
I know it’s the " Descent" event. But I hope for God that they are gonna fix that as soon as they go back to work on Tuesday. (Canada has a day off on Monday)

You gonna have to wait until the next big update, seeing your toons level, you should know that already… nice too see a high level player, im at that level already but didn’t played much since last december… just here and there