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Sarvin common hood doing less damage

The Common hood was supposed to increase but it is doing way less damage. Looks like not enough attacks are going off.

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I can confirm, much less damage.

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When proc’ing it’s not giving all of the proper hits either, with fury it’s even more noticeable/broken. And on top of that as you said the damage is less, not more. Looks like they decreased it when they advertised an increase. “Woops”

my hood is only giving me 2 attacks instead of 4. The damage per hit is right, its just only sending 2 arrows off instead of 4


I noticed one of my attacks with it was also 2 hits against the Lightfinger boss. Otherwise it’s been functioning mostly normal for me, but that’s an awful bug and is breaking the game, along with the dozen other bugs

@Keith is this one on the radar for fix? thanks

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Broken. Definitely.

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The team has added it to the list to investigate whether it is a bug or not.

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I have noticed this as well - when more than 1 enemy is available, the hood produces all 4 attacks. However, when only 1 enemy (Boss, etc) are present, it only produces 2 attacks.

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Yes that’s why o spent so much time and money developing that item. It takes down a single opponent.

It’s definitely doing lesser attacks than before, anyone can notice that. And the attacks should be 100 + 130 x3. @Keith please let us know something, some of us use it in pvp and in pve.

Not working as before, that’s for sure. It does less attacks and consequently does less damage. Can someone look into this asap and report it to developers?

Agrree. Now it’s almost useless, it’s like attacking with a normal weapon, why should anyone equip it? Please fix this bug and the ccommon axes one

Days have passed and no one is telling us what’s happened to this piece of gear. You fixed last bow bug in one day and still we don’t know anything about this. @Ned could you please, at least let us know if it’s something they are going to fix soon? TnX!

Hey MattChristmas, I’ll see if I can get an update from our team regarding this.

Update: @MattChristmas, I’ve poked our team again regarding this and it seems that they are still investigating! We’ll be sure to try and provide a further update once we get more information.

Thank you for your paitence!

Any further news? That hood is a really significant part of my strategy. Now gone.

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When are you going to fix Saarvin?

Saarvin’s hood is still bugged. @Ned can you help us, too much time has passed and no single answer has come from ludia about this issue.

Sadly, I don’t have an update regarding this yet, Paolo_Abile. As it has been added to the list of items our team is investigating at the moment, it’ll likely take a bit of time. :frowning:

Yea, 12 days seems like a short amount of time to need to investigate the outcome of the behaviour of a simple single item that is causing a major gripe to the already alienated playerbase. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

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