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I will state this one last time for all to see. No one is treated like a child on the forums, however there are rules in place for a reason. Please make sure to read and understand our Forum Rules.

I think what people are reacting to is your company seems to be overly aggressive in terms of moderation for a game that is not directed towards children. It’s harsh and a real outlier in terms of other gaming companies. So there is an expectation mismatch from what people may be used to on other forums, even those with similar “forum rules”. What you may see as normal moderation is what we’re more used to in terms of little kid games. It’s your sandbox, so you get to set your rules. Our basic recourse is to vote with our feet if we don’t like it and move onto other games from other companies. But you might surprise people less if it were clearer that this is essentially a G-rated forum.

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Our forums are used for all the games present from Ludia and not just this one. As well please be aware that all users must meet an age requirement to use the forums. The rules are in place to make sure that all users have a place to express their concerns, interests, issues and ideas about the games. This applies equally to any and all games on the forums, not just here. Please be aware that no one is treated like child. If you have an issue with a specific rule or actions that may have been taken then I would ask you to reach out to myself or another of the moderators in private to discuss the issue as that is the most appropriate way to have a conversation about issues in regards to moderation. The forums are here for the games and the moderators are here to make sure the space is constructive and helpful. No one is asking you to behave like a child, however childish behavior is not something that is tolerated.

Okay then Hank, the absurdity being pointed out is that nobody is even allowed to mention as a joke about enjoying beverages that come with age restrictions in most countries. For this particular forum, this flies completely in the face of the user-base and the lore of the actual game we are playing. The
fact is the Yawning Portal Inn ran by Durnan is the starting place of many Dungeons in Waterdeep. You use images in the game of people situated at a tavern. You use pictures on your social media of characters enjoying some kind of frothy liquid inside a tankard. It is for this reason it is patronising and makes us believe we are being treated like children for being moderated for the mere mention of something that is clearly considered appropriate content for the game.

Sensible moderation discretion should be applied so that people aren’t penalised for having a little joke that is relevant to the age demographic of those who play the game and is featured in the game itself.


Please understand Ninja that references that are story related are fine as it is clearly stated in the rules section here:

Post about Drugs and Alcohol; unless it’s specific to a Story plot, we don’t want to see anyone talking about it. References to Smoking/Tobacco Products also fall under the Drugs and Alcohol category.

Discussion around a tavern or other aspect found in the game is fine. Specific mention of alcohol, drugs, smoking/tobacco or anything not directly from the game is not allowed.

Jokes are fine but we do ask that you respect the rules we have posted as they apply to all our users no matter their age.

Thanks for taking the time to reread the forum rules it is greatly appreciated.

There will be no more discussion of the rules or moderation here as this is derailing the thread. If you have a question reach out to the moderators in private.

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