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Satisfying victory 😁😁

Earlier today I was battling an opponent and it was a 2 for 2 scenario. Needless to say i swap in Dracocera only to be greeted with a full health Trago. Needless to say I knocked its health down to 375 health with the attack. He tried the instant invincibility and I ended up acute stunning. This persisted a few times with it getting a crit which I healed right off the back. The final time it did the instant invincibility and with me acute stunning them, the shield dropped and I managed to rampage it and got the victory.

Side note: I know some people will flame me for my post earlier today. Just to set the record straight, I rarely use Dracocer in battle. Yes I keep it on my team just in case I am in a clinch.


Not so much a flame but I specifically do not use Dracocera because if it leads to victory it’s never satisfying. You do you, though, it’s always nice when people are having fun!



Dunno what you said earlier, but you deserve flame for bragging about a rat win… No one should EVER brag about a rat win unless it’s against another rat in the match!


Kind of like people doing the happy dance when they crush their 5-yr-old in checkers.


They’ll never get better if you go easy on them.


Well at least I did not use the hit and run tactic. I made sure to utilize some actual strategy in the battle.

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Only thing is that I did not do the hit and run. I actually had mine stick around and earn its glory. I actually incorporated a little strategy with it.

isnt swapping it into battle when ur in a cinch the same as any time someone swaps it in? your gonna lose so you rat lol

No actually I was not going to lose the battle. My opponent originally had his Thor in and it had 1375 health left on it. As soon as I swapped Dracocera in he swapped in his Trago which took the hit.

if you werent going to lose, why did you swap in the rat? lol

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Could have been a slip of the finger shrugs

I think it is just force of habit. It is the way Ratters have learned, or gotten used to play, so do it unconsciously. It doesn’t matter if they need to or not, they see the health of the opponent hit a certain number within rat territory, in comes the rat.


by his own admission i believe he has to pay up haha


Sure I pay myself which means it is nothing and it is nullified. Have a nice day

Besides I did not use the trifecta as proclaimed in the post. I only did one swap in and that is it.

Ahhhhhh man, for shame I can feel the shame from way over here xD


what u really mean is its a good battle and its fine if you use DC to win. If the opponent used DC on you and wins then NERF THE RAT hahaha


Rat addicts just play a different game. They play a numbers game not a strategy game.

They come up against Thor they are not thinking β€˜How can I defeat it’. They are just looking to hit a number. When Thor hits 3743 HP or below, RAT TIME! They play having a list of numbers they need for different opponents depending on armor. When their opponents HP hits that number RAT TIME. You could call it a conditioned reflex. The lab rat see’s the green light go on, it hits the lever and gets a treat. Their green light is that rat territory HP.


So glad I have a team full of tanks and chompers! Ardentismaxima is the newest member. They all handle DracoceRAT-OPs well. The Dentist just needs another health and attack boost.

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i replaced DC with Maximus. best things ive done. winning loads more battles