Satisfying victory

Just got done battling someone that right off the back killed my Allosino with whom was my first one with his Dracocera. I returned the favor by annihilating his whole team with Dracocera. Just kept regenerating to swap out then swap in. I believe I made my opponent angry because he was winding down the clock to the last second. I feel accomplished!!

So just because he beat you to using the rat you felt the need to “take revenge”…? :thinking:



Yeah it felt great to establish dominance in arena. Yes I would do it again.


Just to be clear he took out my Allosino. So I took out his whole team. It was a great strategy that was perfectly timed. They started with Utahsinoraptor which he got some lucky pops

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Admitting to have laughed out loud :joy:


Just had a satisfying win myself, but didn’t run down clock. I just predicted the ratting attempts and swapped in a fresh dino!


Since I can’t find the rat annihilation thread, here’s a tribute to your ratty win


Ahh the simple pleasures in life! Thanks =D

Edit: I looked up their team and his boosted rat was high highest team member, clearly he has poured in many of his boosts to power up rat and just swap in and out over and over again.
It is an effective technique however he ratted my first Dino, giving away the fact that he had a boosted rat, so I just expected someone who rats the first Dino to not be able to help themselves.

Put out some damage till my Dino is low health, expect the ratting attempt, swap in different Dino and then rinse and repeat lol.

Wanna know something else to make matters worse for him? his final Dino before his last rat attempt in the picture was a Suchatator, all he had to do was Lethal Wound Noodle, Distract and and THEN try rat me…or just tank my hits till I bled out.
But nope, he wanted a rat win (I sensed he was getting frustrated at that point after 3 fails) and gave up a very likely victory on his part =/

“If they cant Strat it, rat it…if you cant rat it…well got some bad news buddy boy” lol


Loving the L28 Nodo :+1:

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Thanks, she is extremely tanky with her health and 40% armour. She has soloed Erlidoms and Utahsino’s in the same match lol.
If the other player doesn’t roll their Thor or bleeder or some other massive chomper, she causes REAL trouble for their team. I have had opponents chuck 3/4 of their team at her in a mad attempt to drop her haha!

She is my only Dino that has taken the full brunt of something like an Erlidom cloak boosted crit, or Indominus cloak boosted Crit, or even Thor crit and lived! Outside of invincibility or dodging of course!

When I have her on my team I feel totally confident in swapping her into a cloak boosted hit, knowing full well she will survive it and either put out some damage or straight up kill it!

Even Indominus with its armour piercing is no issue because she has a priority shield in Bellow so heh!

Only problem now is she is getting very hard to level as legendary require a lot of DNA per level!

Can you imagine if she had Decelerating RAMPAGE instead of Impact? my gawd LOL.

And all those 300+ counter attacks add up over time…and time is what she has a lot of lol.

Currently she is my most favourite dinosaur to use in battle.


This was satisfying, Koolab beating a full health Tryko. Tryko looks a bit spaz. Probably depressed because it lost out to a low Alpha​:blush::blush:


Love it =D

Does your Koolab have a name? Gotta give the beauty a name =D

Mine are -
Noodle (Nodopatotitan)
Lizette, pronounced ‘Lizard’ for the pun lol (FishFrog Skoolasaurus)

And my latest one is my always angry and in a bad mood female Procera named “Angretta” =D

I think of one. I think it’s worthy of one nkw

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Yup definitely =D

More and more use this technique. Use a Dino for initial health reduction on yours (usually using some speed low health creature) then swapping to rat and repeat. I manage to use the same technique as you do quite often as well. Taking their rat at second attempt. It’s a lousy way of battling though.

This morning I spend over 7 minutes battling a Christmas chicken with my paramoloch. Now that was fun as it was all about predicting strikes (back and forth) I initially expected to get ratted (as this usually follows after a strike or two) but it didn’t and I didn’t use mine either. Just let the creatures handle themselves. Now that’s fun battling :blush:


Yep I miss the old days of battling before boosts and Thors and swap in rats!

6 months ago with a team average level of 19-20 and only a single unique unlocked (Indo) I was hitting 4799 rating. Now 6 months later with 7 uniques unlocked and level 28s, 26 and various other 20s, im between 4000 and 4250.

Like what the heck happened to the game? my arena progress is actually worse than it was when I had a worse team LOL.

I just want a NORMAL battle where they don’t use rat as soon as your Dino takes any damage. Like seriously how do players even enjoy that crap?

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I think we all do. Hence the payed tournaments where we can actually taste the old days again😉 it’s all calculated and all in the game

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Yeah I would like to try my chances in a tournament but ive held my boycott so far for all of them because there is ALWAYS a bug or exploit that taints it.

Maybe by the 20th tournament they will have ironed out the bugs and ill give it a go lol

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I get where you’re coming from. Never the less, last tournament was fair and without any stains. I can really recommend it, if it were to show up again :wink:

I feel like before 1.7 this game was like checkers Tit for Tat. But ever since I got my Tryko and Procera, it has become a chess game with all of the predicting of move two turns ahead.
Of course whenever someone plays a rat, I crush it and say “King me” because it just turns into tic-tac-toe at that point