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Saturday = No Speed BOOST on sale. What's going on?

Alright, it’s Saturday and I don’t see boosts on sale like the “SPEED BOOST” you promised that It could find on sale one time per week…

What the hell is going on? This is not the game I knew since the day one…


If it would go on sale, they said it would be on Sundays. However, since they took all boosts out of the store because of the latest unlimited boost exploit, not sure they will be out tomorrow :frowning:


actually saying they’re going to offer something, and then either not, or take it back has been their MO from day 1. however this time, yeah speed is sunday.

What are u guys talking about. I’m still buying them. Haven’t restarted app yet…lol


Are you serious dude??? I don’t have boosts on sale, why do you have it?

Really. There half price on Saturdays


Lmao :joy: oh man. The gullibility of people on the internet. It’s so good


If ludia were really bothered about the state of the game boosts will never come back.

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They won’t go on sale on Sunday. They removed the others from the store for a good reason, so that should tell you that speed boosts won’t be going in the store on Sunday.


Well, if I can’t buy boosts how can I play against players who the have them?

If I CANNOT increase power about my dinosaurs how can I play?

Frankly, I think this is false, they didn’t remove boosts by sale…

Today will out them on sale :blush:

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You get boosts like everyone else from daily battle incubators, and from the once-a-week boost tower.

They didn’t remove boosts by sale? What are you on about? They removed boosts from the store, everyone can see this.

They literally pulled them out of the store after a glitch was found that let people buy them unlimited…

Just like before the last roll back…there are threads on here stating they are currently investigating… but believe what you want.

You increase the power of your dinos by collecting DNA for them. Same way everyone else has for a year or more. Don’t rely on short cuts.


There were no boosts available prior to 1.7. People also could power up their dinos by collecting DNA and coins. Do you win by boosts only?
Although I also boost my dinos, I would rather like to remove the boost mechanics, rolling back to boost-free mode. That would be fair to everybody.

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Umm, pretty much, yeah.


I’ve been waiting for the new pop up before a battle “Losing too often? Try spending more money!”


Did you play this game before 1.7? How did you win?

This is not before 1.7… this is after 1.7 boosts arent going anywhere… everytime they get put back in the shop the game goes up 30-50 spots on the top grossing charts


you win this gun fight by collecting more knives.