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Saturday theme epic strike tower plan


So, let’s share our plan for Saturday epic strike shall we . I will put mine below as soon as I have a solid one or at least one ^^’

What we will be up against

Darwinopterus lvl 23
Hp 2592
Atk 872
Speed 129

Pyrritator lvl 24
Hp 2993
Atk 1270
Speed 129

Utarinex lvl 25
Hp 4000
Atk 1476
Speed 126

Chance of crit is 5 % for all of them

This one is already tough for low mid lvl player, I don’t imagine the Sunday epic strike…


Wasn’t that long to find a plan ^^. All of this can work only if Darwin swap in at turn 2 else it’s a dead strategy xD didn’t plan all the possibilities yet but it’s a start.

The team:

Procerathomimus 18
Tanycolagreus 19
Dracoceratops 18
Stegodeus 21

Start with Stegod

Utarinex first.

Uta distracting impact
Stegod SS - Uta hp: 3200

Darwin swap in bleed

Stegod Thagomizer - Darwin hp: 1392
Stegod bleed

Stegod rampage
Darwin dies
Stegod bleed but stay alive

Pyrritator enters

Swap to Dracocera
Pyrritator (hp: 1423)

Pyrri - Armor piercing impact
Dracocera survives

Pyrri - Distracting rampage
Dracocera dies

Tany enters
Tany Nullifying Impact

Pyrri dies

Utarinex comes back

Tany Strike - Uta hp: 2134
Uta Distracting impact

if uta instant charge Tany dies else
Tany Null impact then dies

Procera finishes Uta


Almost the same if Pyrritator comes first. I suppose it’s not the same Dino that come after Darwin is dead , need more planning.

The plan works even if the same dino comes back after Darwin dies if it’s pyrritator first but it will not work with utarinex first .


Hi Pepito,
could I do something with Tryo/ Posti? FC and when Darwin swaps in DSR? Darwin dead. And then maybe Suchotator. I really need to do the math, but what are your ideas about this way?


Not a bad idea, your tryo is at least 22 right?


Utarinex can do IC and then Rampage and run.
Would start shield first with Stegodeus.

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No my tryo is 17 can push it to 19. Posti is lvl 19, and has higher health. Suchotator is lvl 21.


Yeah I dont know how the AI is going to act. I suppose when he comes back he will use distracting, IC then impact and run.

Will wait to see if Darwin swap in in turn 2 or not


This is good Pepito. At the end you don’t have to finish with proctawhateveritscalled just something above 126 speed (assuming we have predicted the AIs moveset correctly).
I’ll start the same way I think, even sacrifice Dracoceratops the same way but as it’s higher level, I can then use Velociraptor strike to finish off Pyirritator leaving Pounce for Utarinex. Then I’ll use Mangna or Indo to finish up.

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Actually now that I think about it. Utarinex will probably want to impact and run into Darwin so you will have to see if Stegodeus will survive??
And it could IC stunning Stegodeus AND regaining priority so it can also Impact and run into Darwin. Both are reasonably likely to occur. I did hear the AI is meant to improve this patch.
It might be worth starting with Thag (this will do less damage but is safer maybe?) and follow with Ss (hopefully on Darwin). Oh but you would need L23 Stegodeus to kill Darwin here.

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Best is to start with shield and then SS. Also Trago could be useful here. None of these dinos can destroy shields.


Need to do the math if he can work with shield first but with ss in turn 2 and if Darwin swap in stegod cant kill him and will die and I cant a afford to lose him


So, in a strike tower today, there is a Darwin and he swaps in in turn 2


I think you need a higher lvl tryo to survive and be able to kill Darwin when he comes in…


Hi everyone, I have a safer plan I think, thanks to someone of my alliance that reminds me of swap in bleed. You still need a high lvl stegod and procerathomimus.

The team and strat:

Procerathomimus 18
Stegodeus 21
2 swap in bleeder (Darwin, sucho, dimorpho…)

Start as above with stegodeus
SS on whatever comes first,

Darwin swap in

thago, rampage on darwin
Darwin dies,stegod survives

Swap to a bleeder
Pyrri/uta kills your bleeder with impact/distracting impact and bleed once

Procera instant distraction then rampage
Pyrri/uta rampage/instant charge and bleed

Procera rampage kills whatever

The remaining dinos comes

Swap to a bleeder

The last one kills your 2nd bleeder and bleed

Procera instant distraction then rampage
Pyrri/uta rampage/instant charge and bleed

Procera rampage kills whatever or need one more strike for uta


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Good plan, but are sure you counted Stegodeus bleeding?


Yes, but I dont count possible crit …


Most likely order and movesets for today’s tower:

Rinex is first, Distract impact (swap to Darwin can happen on turn 2 or 3, if yours is 3 it’ll do Instant Charge on turn 2)
Darwin: Cleansing Impact then pin strike twice
Pyrritator: API, Distract Rampage, Armor Strike
Rinex: Distract Impact, Instant Charge, Impact & Run

Damages Output:

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Yes, rinex was first. I lost my first battle because I assumed the first dino would run in the first turn… Well it didn’t lol.


Rinex used a different moveset: distracting, impact and run , instant stun

I will post my gameplay on the dedicated topic


Was much easier than I had thought, here’s a mid-high level strategy
Dinos: Utasino level 20+, Dracoceratops level 19+, Indoraptor level 21+, random dino that doesnt matter

Start with Utasino, distract impact on utarinex, it will distract u in return
Utarinex impact and runs out, use crit impact and the swapped in darwin.
Instant Charge the darwin
Swap in Dracocera, darwin dies
Pyrri comes in, doesnt deal enough first turn damage to kill dracocera, so use rampage
Dracocera gets knocked out by pyrri using distract rampage
Send out indoraptor, finish pyrri with cleansing impact
Utarinex comes back in, just rampage and strike it to kill
And congratz, hope u get the dna u wanted


Looks like that’s the other variation to me:

So just to reiterate the above is what is most likely but you may see the other variations so here is a rehash:

Rinex Var1: Distract Rampage, Instant Charge, Impact & Run
Rinex Var2: Distract Rampage, Impact & Run (? did you lock it down so it can do instant stun after that)