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i figured aut there was a giant allosaur - Allosaurus maximus but his oficial name is Saurophaganax and its a biger stronger type of allosaur, if you dont want remake allosaurus please add saurophaganax as a legendary


Wat is this dino looks like indo

Ias you have one animal but more species like snakes, which has more that one type for expl, this is another allosaurus type


Kool be nice cant wat for the new update

yeah that can be cool in game

Wens the new update happning

literally been begging for this dinosaur in the Jurassic World movies for 4 years

Yutyrannus also deserves a spot,Allosaurus is accurate in JWA,but the one here looks very different,Tarbosaurus also needs a spot

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That thing looks like Allosaurus Gen 2 in Jurassic World Alive, the Saurophaganax is Allo G2 in JWA, Allosaurus is accurate in JWA

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I don’t think so, in jwa Allosaurus g1 looks like Fragilis, even body still looks more like atrox specie, gen 2 is 100% atrox specie
But Saurophaganax is Allosaurus maximus specie.

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JWA Allosaurus is not 100% but still far more than JWTG

iam also not sure what allosaurus type gen 1 is. there are five type of allosaurs, maybe more but i know five :smiley: , Fragillis, atrox, maximus (know as Saurophaganax), europaeus and jimmadseni.
Allosaurus g1 can theoretical be a jimmadseni (picture) or just general allosaurus

Allosaurus g2

Most matches to atrox

Interesting fact in game jw Evolution allo looks like g1 from jwa but with thorns like has atrox on back

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