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Sauropod Hybrid with Cleanse


Just hear me out. Not sure what you could use to make this, but it would be SUPER great to have a tank with cleanse. It doesn’t have to have a ton of power to make it OP, but something that could finally get rid of bleed while still being able to hold ground.


Perhaps the unique sauropod I’d love to see?

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@Rantz What I was thinking.



I actually had voiced a idea like that a few days ago, in the JWA Artwork thread.

This here is what an artist came up with for hybrids:

The conversation continues if y’all interested in the movesets I came up with for them…

Or not, up to you. Just saying I like conversation ^^

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Definitely! Doesn’t have to have armor, just bulk and a cleanse. A bit of offense too.


It may or may not have armor, but I just made a profile based on what the hybrids were. The hybrid had 20% armor, so I just integrated the percentage throughout the hybrids.

It would be interesting tho. And imagine a Spinotahsuchus user actually being afraid to bleed a Sauropod?


@Dinobai18 What do you think it could be made of?


You mean my own idea for a Sauropod?

Welp, it depends… I personally want an immune Long Neck, just to free up that slot that Cleasning Impact would take up… It would give us a challenge to work around such an easy strategy for defeating high HP dinos… especially Long Necks.

… Maybe the hybrid can be made up of Argentinosaurus and Gorgosuchus. It would give us a Sauropod that can actually have chomper moves and not be criticized for it.

Remember when the Nodosaurus family line had AP moves? And that gave Stegod and Nodopodo that APR? Eventually, it was changed since everyone was complaining about how OP and out of place it was.

Welp, now we can have a Sauropod that can actually have those moves without triggering people… Oh, and we can throw in that Cleansing Impact while we’re at it :wink::+1:

Gorgotinosaurus or Argotinosaurus

Health: 5400

Damage: 1480

Speed: 112

Critical: 20%

Armor: 0%

Moves: Superiority Strike; Defense Shattering Rampage; Cleansing Impact; Extended Critical Strike/Ferocious Strike

This moveset will throw in some of the ‘scary’ aspects of Gorgosuchus while adding in some of Argentino in there. I guess I’m a tad biased, so that’s why Argentino is a candidate… But for the most part, it is scary to inagine a Sauropod getting the jump on you.

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Oooohooo! Look at that! I kinda want Brachiosaurus and Secodonto to have a hybrid. That would be lit!



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I like the Idea alot, but those stats with that moveset is just too much, I thin it should at least be a lot slower like 105 otherwise it has e huge health pool, high attack, high speed, and high crit chance with strong moves. That is just too much


So a damage and speed decrease would suit it better?

Maybe damage of 1250 and speed of 106? Is that better?

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I always thought a Carnotaurus + Brachiosaurus legendary hybrid would be fun, tanking with counter attack, cleanse and shields


Attack should not be so high, like a Tragodistis. Speed does not affect his playstayle that much, so it may be variable.