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Sauropod Love

Sauropods are my favourite type of Dinos. I am boosting these two as much as I can both are in my team. ^.^


Love Giga; its in my B Team and makes the A Team every now and again when I fancy a change; the two newer ones are great additions to the game - both run in my B Team and Gemini would probably feature in my A if it was at team level.

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My Noodle Titan. Sets up for my slower critters and annoys raptors, other tanks/indominus rex quite often.


Oh I really want those, been trying to unlock them for months.

It was a hard slog to get them - managed to get Gemini just before Diplo became the daily mission reward; I maxed Diplo sanctuary DNA most days since their introduction.

Absolutely LOVE Ardentis!
2nd favorite creature in the game, behind Megalosuchus.

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