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Sauropod thagomizer

Umm. Sauropods don’t have thagomizers. It doesn’t make sense that that’s the move’s name.


Yeah this bugs me too. If they were going to name a universal decelerating move (which is a good idea in itself, easier to keep track of), they shouldn’t have named it after something that only stegosaurids had.


There is the belief that sauropods used their tails like whips to keep predators away. I imagine it is to represent that.

Probably should have made a new move maybe. Thagomizer Sauropods are an odd thought

Well, yes. However they definitely didn’t have thagomizers. Calling it “tail whip” would have been more, yet not completely universal.


Yeah the consensus is that they probably did do this, but a thagomizer is the spiked structure at the end of a stegosaurs tail (actually derived from a word made up in a far side comic to describe this structure). So unless apatosaurus is walking around with giant tail spikes, its not a thagomizer.

I agree. I’m just throwing out an idea why it may have been added. Better to use an existing ability than make an identical one with a different name. :sauropod:

What happened to the other 3? Decel Moves, Long Decel Moves, and Slowing Moves? Why not just use those existing in-game moves already? Man, I will never get how Ludia thinks

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Yeah I also agree that they should have used an existing move (as they did). But there were so many moves to choose from! They even had a “decelerating” and “slowing” impact, with the difference being how long the target was slowed down. I guess they might have chosen thagomizer to save space or something, but I would have preferred universal decelerating ____ moves, with strike/impact/rampage to show how much damage they do. Ludia confuses me too sometimes, especially with some of the decisions they made this update.