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Sauropods hybrid proposal


Actually epic sauropods have potential, but we don’t have a really strong sauropod hybrid.
My idea is this:
Brachiosaurus + Concavinator = Brachiovinator
This will mean very high hp, counterattack, slow moving, no armor. This will be a good response at all the shiled breaker that make hard tank’s life.
Brachiovinator + Miragaia = Bravegaia
Huge tank that can regenerate his very high hp and have counterattack and can stop swappers.
Moves: Pinning strike, Bellow, Regeneration, Rampage, Shattering counter.

About Diplodocus i’m still thinking, but it may become a good swap in and swap out tank. Maybe it will make a good hybrid with Arambourgiana and then Scolosaurus.

At last, a king of aggressive tank may be composed by Argentinosaurus, Carnotaurus and Pteranodon.

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Sauropod Hybrid with Cleanse

Tyrannopatosaurus please. :slight_smile:

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nundapatator (nundasuchus + apatosaure + irritator) level 30 in a day!

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