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Savage Pt 2: Pyrritator

Here you go! My Pyrritator going full on rampage 3 times in the same battle!!!

It’s looking down because it’s so tired of doing all that damage :joy::joy::joy:


Nice… But Pyrritator against a group of ordinary commons… that’s cruel :laughing:

I take it you managed to successfully use RTC against the Apatosaurus?

I’ve always liked that move. It can be difficult to use right but when it works, it really works.

yes, that + vulnerability from spinosaurus for 2 turns (to include rtc boost with vulnerability)

lol I was testing vulnerability

“It’s hunting for sport”

I don’t think your opponent was ready :sweat_smile:

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where did the 10 chords (characters) wander off to? 'cause I can’t type less than that. :joy::joy:

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