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Save Allosaurus for Allosino?

I have over 12,000 Allosaurus DNA.

I’ve been saving it for allosino but unless they have an event with Sino, I’m not getting that any time soon because I can’t find it anywhere in the wild (I live and work in 3 & 4). My question is: should I go ahead and level up my Allo as another tank buster (or even replace my Gorgo with it)? Here’s my team (I know I need to level some things up, I just need coins):

Sino has been a weekly dinosaur in the past. Allowing is pretty beastly so I would save it, but some high level players have allosaurus on their team because he’s a strong shield breaker. I’d still save it.

It really depends on if you are facing a lot of tanks. And what you are trying to accomplish. If you don’t have the coins or dna to bust allo up to 20, I’d personally keep the team you have and try and bolster them. A legendary will be more powerful than a common in most cases. There are exceptions

Possibly level up allo to 20 to give you a quick fix, then save all dna to level allosino to replace him when he reaches a similar level?

This is a decent strategy :+1:t2:

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I love my 23 Allosaurus, I just can’t give him up, and the DNA is common enough right now. This is a Dinosaur game, it’s fun to have at least one unapologetic ‘chomper’ on my team (plus I don’t have enough Sino DNA to get his hybrid to a useful level).

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The lastest data minr shows its likely the armor event will be repeated sometime in the near future might wanna hold off atm

I don’t have enough DNA or coins to level it up to 20 so I’ll probably hold out for an event with Sino. My Sino is a 15 so I would be darting for direct dna into the hybrid.

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When my lvl20 Allosaurus crits and eats another dino whole in one bite I call it a “snack snack”

I find Allo quite easy to kill, anyway I went for the Utasinoraptor, I think is better than the Allosinosaurus

Uthasino is better and useful for utharinex who is much better

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I was saving Allosaurus DNA to no avail… Then got bored at waiting, so I started leveling him… Once I got him to lvl 21, I was able to move from Sorna Marches to Jurassic Ruins. Coincidence? Maybe, but he helped a lot! He is now at level 23 and will be upgraded to level 24 tomorrow…

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Good to know. I’ve been stuck in Sorna for a while so he might be my saving grace. Once I get enough coins to level up to a decent level. I live in 3 so DNA is pretty easy to collect.

Good to know. I have lots of utaheaptor as well so making that hybrid should be easy with enough Sino DNA

i would spend sino on utahsino because even though allosino has 30% chance for a crit, youll never get a crit with it. at least i havent. its been on my team for a month and ive never gotten a crit. im about to take it back off my team. it dies more than it kills.