Save anky DNA for Tryko OR level 23 Dioraja?

I need suggestion please.

I got Dioraja at level 22, and have around 1000 DNA for Anky and 5K+ for Raja. But I got 0 Kentro DNA and 90/250 for Tryko.

Now should I save Anky DNA for Tryko while waiting for Kentro forever (never see him in wild) OR level 23 my Dioraja?


I would wait for tryko. He is WORTH it.

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I have both on my team.
Go Tryko… definitely go Tryko


Trykosaurus dude…I would get him if I could but I still need a bit more anky and kentro dna to get my ankyentro to 20. Rex has been 20 forever but trykosaurus is just so expensive >.<

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Tryko no doubt

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join ex-JWATAIWAN alliance, they will tell u how to get endless ankylo…no worry which one to choose

New creature > leveling an existing one

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Please elaborate

find the no.1 player and ask him how to join

Don’t see it

they changes their alliance name several times…now the name maybe a spacebar…u tap the invisible name and u can see 37 members inside. their team members usually have both hi level tryko and dioraja…

Do you know how they are getting alanky? Are you just saying go ask them? Or is there a way?

of course i don’t know how to get that many epics dnas so soonly… i think they have the way

Taiwan is very crowded. Spawns every 12 feet.

Very crowded ROFL :joy: