Save arena incubator till after the update?


Hi guys!

As per the arena incubator scheduele provided by metahub, my next incubator would be an epic one.
Now I’m having doubts to save it till after the patch for better results (trex being tier 7 for example) but depending on when it goes live, I cant hatch incubstors and miss out untill then.

Any thoughts on what to do? :slight_smile:


Plz see that [Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update (1.3) topic.


Epic (24h) and rare (12h) incubators are exactly the same as their shop counterparts, and therefor not affected by arena dinosaurs at all. Meaning the rewards for an arena 1 epic incubator should be the same as the rewards for an arena 6 incubator, and remain unchanged with the update (except for the fact you would have the chance to get the new dinosaurs too). So I personally would save the 8h ones but not the rest.


What do you mean by “withdrawn by author”?


That means he deleted whatever he wrote, but it takes 24 hours for the forum to delete a post


I see, kinda new to how this forum works as opposed to reddit for example.
Thx again :wink: