Currently JWA is in one of the worst metas it has ever been in the battles are seriously unbalanced and unfair for most, Hense I make the proposition for this page to Reach ludia! (Leave your feedback in comments and I will update accordingly)

1st: I know this is controversial but it should be 4 chosen creatures due to being slapped by higher levels and direct counters to your entire deck if you dont get the correct creatures.

2nd: New opponent choosing system! Rather than currently it should go off:
1: Creature Level
2: Rarity
3: Boost ammount
4: Creature Power
5: Player Level
Ofcourse to balance the system of how stupid it is RN

3rd: Proper Creature Balances Based off of COMMUNITY FEEDBACK PRIORITIZED OVER DATA! The People are not very happy with the last few creatures introduced with how absolutley crazy OP they are at lower arenas where we fight things like Imperactosuchus to!

4th: For god sakes remove the cap on boost refund tokens and give more opertunities to obtain them!

5th: Bug fixes should also be prioritiezed as there are more bugs and crashes then the amozon rain forest.

So far thats what I can name, Lemme know what yall think and I will update the page accordingly!


Overall agree however the feedback from nerf/buff threads might be a bit controversial since players could have different points of view on what is op and what is balanced


Definitely agree, there are nerf or buff threads for pretty much anything these days and some of them are just because they aren’t using the counter for the creature


They might can try vote system like how we choose creatures for special weekly event, then inform the playerbase about their decision.


Yep. That would be a good idea

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Choose four will lead to most players picking the same four, leading to even less diversity.
Ludia have also proven that ANY change to the matchmaking could have catastrophic, (maybe?) unintended side effects.


Recently arena battles have been broken. I am level twenty with level 21 unique creatures and have more often come across players with creature level 30 and just been massively destroyed. Additionally I was trophy count 4660 and am now in arena 9 and falling. This just makes the game no fun to constantly lose and spend 30 to 60 minutes trying to get an incubator or your daily battle incubator. Definitely needs to be reworked. I am not a pay to play player I am a grinder and if all my work is for nothing but to be beaten constantly in arenas I may find a new game.


Well. To be fair if Ludia properly balanced(btw im a dev I know what I’m talking about) then there would be Double the opportunity to actually choose your individual deck rather than everyone on the leaderboard using the same thing there would be harder choices considering how OP things can be today. It would be great for there to be some diversity between decks and making it 4 and nerfing and buffing the correct creatures would 100% make sure that system works.

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Forgive my skepticism after years of ssdd in JWA.
The choose four is more likely to happen than balance, and would kill any hope of diversity.

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I mean, in only in arena 10, but i do see the valance issuses, but i only have issuses with how laggy the game has gotten… cant even scroll down without taking a year! But i wish thry would make QOL updates, like update the old creatures move sets to soot the meta era. But thats my opinion but it just depends if ludia wonna listen or loose there community.

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i don’t know if you’re new to the game, but this was already tried.

we had a trophy only matchmaker, then ludia released boosts and this idea:

then we had a million posts like mine:

so they tried to change it some times like this:

but didn’t help, so they changed back to original system:

but they NEVER did a single step to find a solution against arena droppers. dropping is what scares some players, although me and others already demonstrated here that this have too little effect to our trophies at the end of a day, just because one is not fighting against droppers every battle, it’s occasional. your score has a limit, determined by your skill and your team.

with trophies only, you upgrade a dino and get better results. with score matchmaking you upgrade a dino and stay where uou are because the algorithm matches you against a stronger one. to get better results you ate forced to upgrade A LOT your team to increase matchmaker score range. frustrating for many mortal players.

this was discussed A LOT here. the only thing ludia should do is apply some mechanics to discourage people of dropping, then avoid some frustrating battles against monster teams or level 1 teams in aviary for example.

That’s the thing, if a level per creature(4) and they bunch up the majority, even 1 level 30 should not be able to go up against lvl 21s, rather they should also focus on player level, and arena then just arena, they did it wrong that’s why they changed it.

(Edit) Also they should raise player level from 20 to a much higher number to separate the high ranks from the low ranks, as well creatures should have their rarity counted as a SECONDARY! Apexes should not fight only Uniques! Uniques shouldn’t fight a lot of legendarys ect.

And again creature balance is a WHOLE OTHER problem

Choosing 4 won’t work.

You will put the best of the best 4 creatures out there, boost them all to max and still hit a glass ceiling. Then you’ll complain because your stuck and can’t move up any more and that the other player’s creatures are OP compared to yours and cry “It’s not fair!”

Eventually all the top players have the same 4 creatures, boosted to max playing against the exact 4 same strongest creatures and get bored really fast.

They need some alternate PvP challenges with having other teams of either specific rarities or special themed teams, each with their own trophy scores so we all can play different teams for different rewards and not be stuck with playing the same 8 boosted creatures, day in and day out.

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Well, to be fair 4 would work if it was implemented correctly along with balances, that way you get to actually have fun choosing what creatures you want in your deck rather than the same old, Apex/Flock meta, as well with 4 creatures you could ensure you always have a resilient cunning and fierce creature rather than random like a roll of the dice, do I lose, or do I lose or do I lose or do I hopefully win, it’s not comparable, As again a game dev my self I have seen this work in other games just fine because they can balance, if all the apexes were each as strong as each other we wouldn’t have this problem but we do, it’s just like Brawlhalla where I’m stuck in gold due to me fighting even DIAMONDS in gold, same here, I’m in aviary I should not be fighting a team of lvl 30 max boosted apexes what so ever until I’m in along the lines of gyrosphere, also don’t forget that 4 creatures would open up the ability to swap out creatures accordingly along with no cap to boost refund tokens this would be easy and fun, don’t make new creatures completely replace old ones rather make them add into the mega than replace it.

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you may forget about balancing.

it’s a commercial game, not community open source one.

if it’s all balanced, investments (aka engagement) would drop a lot.