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Save the account for device change

I currently have the Samsung A30 and will soon switch to the A51, in this case, I just have to log in with my account on the next device and would I be ready?

I am afraid of losing my effort that you cannot imagine :neutral_face:

If you log your account with your FB account then you should keep your account in JWA as long you or what else didn’t change something about FB

I already linked my game with google play so I can’t link it with FB

I see, then same thing if you keep your google play account nothing changes

That is, if I add the account already linked to JWA to the new device, nothing changes?

Yeah nothing changes, I already got a new phone and I didn’t lost my account

Hello, BenauGr_FZ. Jurassik_Fan is right. As long as you log in using the same Google Play account, there shouldn’t be any problem with the data transfer. I would suggest writing down your support key just in case. :slight_smile: