Save the dinosaurs

We’ve all had battles where we don’t use all three dinosaurs on your team and have to wait for all three to cool down. A suggestion to improve this is to have dinosaurs that are inactive in a battle not need to cool down and immediately be able to be useful in another battle. What are your thoughts on this suggestion?
Edit: To clear up some confusion when I say inactive in battle I meant that a creature is not used at all/ hasn’t taken any damage

It’s one of those things that players of course would LOVE but I doubt the developers ever would do, since most of their changes seem intended to separate us from MORE of our in-game resources, not less.


I’ve grumbled to myself about this too. Then I have to take more risks to make sure I get the right line up to use all dinos and not waste a creature that’s not used in the battle - its my own fault for being overly cautious.

Sometimes you have to be cautious as you don’t know what the AI tactics are going to be and Id rather lose a single creature to cool down than lose the battle and have 3 cooling down for no reason.


Very good i sometimes put in my best creature but did not use it and i have to wait very long

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If you are running into this a lot I would suggest changing your strategy of how you approach your fights. For most of my fights I generally have two strong creatures and one throw away creature to avoid not only using to many top tier creatures at one time but also to make sure I am not wasting creatures on cool downs when they are not needed.


And to be fair, this would be a bunch of extra back end coding. And for the sake of fairness, this would also mean a KO’d creature should have 2x the cooldown, which I don’t need.

My solution is just to have more creatures.


Well as someone that does programming for a living, this would not be something that I would expect to be hard at ALL to do, coding-wise. And not sure why it would have to impact KO’d dinos differently either. Like I said though, I just have never seen any indication that Ludia does things that are to the benefit of the players.


I hear you, right now it’s more of a ‘if animal selected and battle started, then start countdown timer’ thing. So what would count as not used? Enter the arena and be swapped? No loss of health? Not rotate into the arena? What if you exit out and concede a match? What about mods? It’s all extra stuff to write.

My other thinking is to base cooldown on health loss. KO’d would face the longest cool down with scaling for no health loss. This too would be more to write.

Either way, it would alter the play style of many.

I still think of it like moving race horses around. Getting an animal there is stressful transport wise. You have time for the animal to recover and adjust before a race, and the same after a race. Our virtual animals are there at the battle arena, and simply having them available, even if not used, would still need some time before they are ready again.

Plus switching now to a system that favors players more would upset many that have played for years with the current system.

Just my rambling thoughts.

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Going back to the original post, I see it wasn’t very clear, I just assumed it would be based on which dinos are still alive at the end. Dead, cooldown, still alive, no cooldown. I agree that checking for things like if it was “used” or has health left is getting a bit more complicated, albeit still really not something that would be hugely complicated. And certainly modifying cooldown times based on health left on a sliding scale would be moving more into a realm that would be more costly in programming time to do.

I doubt VERY much though that any player would object to such a change if they did do it, just because they’ve been playing under another system in the past. It’s not like they haven’t been through many OTHER large game changes (e.g. mods). Oh I’m sure there’d be a handful, because there isn’t a change that has EVER been made in the history of the world that someone didn’t complain about, but I think most players would welcome any opportunity to use their dinos more often, particularly in terms of getting concurrent PvEs done. If they did complain, it more likely would be players that regularly top out in Dominator doing just a few runs each day, because this would require more rounds of play in tournaments to keep up. I agree with you on that respect, that this definitely would have considerable effect on the play style… which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Switching things up once in awhile keeps the game from getting boring. But again, I don’t think there’s any chance we’d see this, because of the savings on cooldown costs that it would result in.