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Save thylacotor

Show ludia your votes sure they probably don’t give a turtles shell about it but let’s make at least a stand vote below (@E.D You better look at this) also @Ned, @Sara and all other mods look leave your vote and tell the team

  • Thylo should be nerfed
  • Thylo should stay the same

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KEEP THOSE VOTES COMING PLS EVERYONE :ballot_box: VOTE if you can tell it alliance for them to vote friends players anyone

Spread the news spread #justice for thyla or #stand with otter

Come men and women and other genders let’s keep this votes coming spread the word I told my alliance if you can tell urs


lets not forget about alloraptor. she also suffers from rending takedown having a longer delay.


All do another one on her or do you wish to do it

In order for Ludia developers to see the forums it needs to be pushed up by the Community Manager and even then it would take months for them to consider changes. Just look how long and how many posts of DC nerf before they finally caved and that thread hit over 1k+++ posts.

I love your ambition to get this reverted but I wouldn’t bet on it.

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We must try it’s better to fail trying them to never do anything and just watch


Cause I mean she is ur Dino

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What’s going on with thylacotater?

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It second move rending takedown is gonna get nerfed

So rn it has 1 turn delay and one turn cool down; then they said it will have a two turn delay and two turn cool down ; finally they said it will have a two turn delay and one turn cool down

I LOVE Thylacotator! If they want to take this epic down to an epic’s level, I frankly think it’s understandable. And my Thylacotator, though it does great, doesn’t usually last long enough to even pop the second shot anyway.
But G2 ALLO! That thing was awesome! It was already just barely a half-step below meta in tournaments, but now it’s a pidgeon! Replace its rending takedown with rampage already! In G2 Allo’s case, a rampage is far better than rending takedown! It was already weaker, but now it’s terrible! A second impact would serve better, and even that would not suffice! No way this chomper lasts long enough to chomp three times! And I haven’t even thought about what it’ll do to Alloraptor. Alloraptor was a good girl and not overpowered, from what I hear. But now… The leaf has fallen from the tree…


The might and balance have fallen also everyone who has voted share this poll

The Sith will rise
Kneel before the Final Order
Indo G2


There’s Yoshi staying the same, and then there’s Thylacotator somehow getting smashed with the nerf hammer because … Ludia.


Then one day Indo G2 will be nerfed. One day… The same day another overpowered creature rises to take its place.The Sith will say “Do it! STRIKE ME DOWN!
And the process will continue, like it has in the past. G2 Indo was not the first… and it will not be the last.

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You’re wasting your time. It’s happening, unfortunately.

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the pounce and rending takedown combo allowed her to take out equal maximas.
tho it is more beneficial to Distracting strike, pounce, then takedown against most other tanks. I still would like her to keep the 1 turn delay on RT. if it needs a 2 turn cooldown so be it.

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Thylacotator should stay as it is nothing wrong with it - can’t understand why they ignored procera and indo gen 2 when something needs to be done to them but pick on a creature which wasn’t broken at all…

Actually I do know… More people will buy boosts to boost gen 2 and procera and Thylacotator weren’t making them money.

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But I am stand for the balanced and fair behold my power


I literally boosted Thylacotator so much as I knew she weren’t broken how wrong was I. Ludia time and time proves again that this company is all about money…

They bring with the update snakes…

The only snake I can see is… (well do I need to say)


I will die or fail trying at least