Saved battleteams

I would like to be able to choose and save teams to battle with in tournaments. Because otherwise i have to change dinos all the time when I go between battling in tournaments or for incubators :sleeping:


This has been asked for by many players, but still no sign of having this.


Not a fix, but a tip as I know some people don’t realise they can do this.

To change from your arena team to your tournament team, go into the tournament and use the edit team button there (the pencil icon) - you will only get eligible creatures - much quicker especially in very limited tournaments like the current one.

To change back use the standard creature page as your team will be near the top (in most cases).


Hey, do hop on over here and tell me what you think of these other suggestions:

I too feel that the option to have two or three saved teams would be a great idea. I know there is an edit button when you go into the tournament page but a drop menu would be a better way of doing it.

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Can we get two separate Dino rosters? It is a pain to have to keep switching the dinosaurs to play between the arena battles and the tournament battles.

Today I put a low level chicken into my team to do the strike tower, but forgot to switch it out before going to the arena. Unfortunately it was picked in the line up.
Hope there will be different teams for different battles.

I know I’m not the only one who’s gone into a tournament, left the game, returned later and forgotten to swap back to the main team. It’s really frustrating, especially when other games allow you to have different teams ready for different situations (hello, PoGo).

So: Please let us have teams that we can choose with just a click, or by separating them from tournament to arena teams. It’s already a real chore constantly swapping teams over.


I would like to see space set aside for a 2nd or 3rd team of dinosaurs. I am specifically thinking of tournaments where entry criteria is restrictive.
I don’t enter tournaments as the switching back & fore of my main team is not worth it.
It would also help test other dinosaurs I have, to see if they are tough enough & if there are other strategies to use without destroying my main team.

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Agreed. I didn’t enter the last mini tournament because I couldn’t be bothered to keep swapping my team over.

Also, if we do get an option 2 or 3 separate teams, I’d like to request that dinosaurs are not locked to a specific one otherwise we’re not really any better off.