Saved load out option

Would be a great Quality of life feature to add in a saved Load out for gear setup. Two would be great. 1 for PvP and one for PvE. So we could Run a Guild raid or Rally and with a touch of a button swap back to all our preferred PvP gear to do a daily quest. Or select our PvE gear to run and do a Moment of Glory during a raid or rally. Ludia could probably even sell additional load out slots for some gems. The gear swap from A raid or Rally setup to PvP just to refill an open chest slot or get your daily wins for brawl chests is pretty annoying especially when you’re just gonna swap gear again to finish raid/rally. Having 1-2 saved preset gear load outs would be a lot less work and make switching game modes way more convenient.


I wholeheartedly agree. This idea is brought up every few months and doesn’t seem to get traction. Please tell us if it can’t happen for some reason otherwise most just throw up their arms and say, “Oh, well, we tried”.

This is a QoL solution that is in most games; I think the first WoW had it ten years ago!.

Pretty please?

Good idea. Yes please.

It’s continually suggested. Tag Keith for the developers to even take notice.