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Saving boosts is hard

I’ve been banking my boosts for almost 2 weeks now in anticipation of 1.9 Depending on when it drops I should have at least 200 of each, probably more.

It’s hard. Every time I lose I want to go power something up just that little bit more.

Still, hoping there will be one or two great new dinos to offset some of the boring old standbys - and I’ll boost the crap out of them ASAP.


Yep… I’ve been saving only speed boosts… I have 170 now, so I’ll have more than 200 when I buy more on Wednesday… I will decide what to do with them after the update release notes… I’ll be able to put two more dinos at tier 7 speed or my first one at tier 8! =)

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I have been doing this for like a month. I now have 400 or so for each. I have been very careful cuz I dunno which ones are going to be buffed or nerfed

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Taking my 30 Indominus to 7/7/6 is SOOOO tempting…


I haven’t boosted anything except speed since before that 6k sale. And I’ve only bought speed for at least 3 or 4 sales now. I’m just saving and trying to decide what to do with them.

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The last thing i boosted was carnotarkus over a month ago. And that was just in health. Right now i’m sitting on 95 health, 116 attack, and 280 speed. It probably won’t happen, but I’d like to take back some of the boosts I’ve put into things that I used once or twice for strike towers. I’m ok with keeping the majority of my boost allocation as is, but I’d like back some of them from things I won’t be able to make relevant for a long time.

i have 300+ of each type. :sob:

wow I have like 30 of each lol but I’m f2p as well

They should allow “transmute” of boosts. Being able to take boosts out of one dino and move it to another. Would make the game more exciting and enjoyable especially for those who can’t afford to pay for boosts each week.

I like this idea or something similar. Knowing Ludia tho, something like this will be behind a cash grab if it gets implemented.

Boost reset for 1.9 needed

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I’m with you. It’s tough. My team could be so much better if I boost them. But alas, I know I’ll be ready if something gets nerfed/something becomes amazing.

I’m saving my hard cash :money_with_wings: in case they do add the armor and critical boosts.

Yup… I’ll have a Thor with armor and extra critical chance. That will be lovely.