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Saving photos into phone gallery and linking game data with fb/email

I have a few suggestions that i thought of! I do wish that we can save the photos directly into our phone gallery and include the free photos in the character’s photo gallery too!

another suggestion that has probably been suggested a few times already which is linking game data with our facebook accounts and/or email! it’ll really help out players who are getting new phones and dont want to restart the game when they transfer data onto the new phone only to find out that they have to start over :frowning:


I personally don’t save CGs/photos to my phone directly, but that could be a nice feature for those who do. In the meantime you can always take a screenshot and crop it accordingly to get rid of any black boarders and such though I realize it’s not quite the same.

I definitely agree with there needing to be a way to link a Facebook or Google account (a great alternative option for those who prefer that and/or don’t have Facebook), as you said, to the app for the reason you stated or if we need to uninstall the app for some reason such as trying to hard-reset it or need to make some space but want to be able to download it again and resume later in the future.


what do u think of having them including the “free” photos into the characters gallery? I noticed that free pictures aren’t in it :frowning: only the profile pic and gem pics are there :frowning:

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It’s also would be nice if the avatar selection consists of various pre-made characters instead of just generic people silhouette

And yes, we do need to be able to save and link our progress onto Google Play, Facebook, or something. I think it should be a given in mobile games these days


I think it would be nice to have free photos also added to the gallery. I noticed they weren’t there when I decided to see if those were included or not. I’m not terribly bothered by it, but I don’t see why they shouldn’t be included.


yes i agree! i’ve seen other people suggesting pre-made characters for our profile! i did find it odd how that there wasn’t a way to save and link our progress given how probably like 99% of games have some sort of way of linking game data. (either by email, social media accounts or apple ID/google play)


Premade character profile photos would be cool though I understand the dev team probably chose shillouettes so as not to make us feel locked into a certain appearance but rather give us a more general, vague one. I’d still be down for some premade ones though as long as we could keep the shillouettes too for those who preferred those.

I was surprised there was no account linking feature too, but with how often it’s mentioned I hope the dev team will implement one. It would be really useful.


I’d gladly pay gems to get a good looking profile picture in stead of a silhouette.
Also I’d like the option to save both the pictures and the dates so you could watch them when ever you want.

And linking to Facebook to not loose gems would be awesome too.


I don’t know if its a glitch. When my relationship with Noah went up, I could see his photos after. This hasn’t happen for my other matches.

sometimes u get free photos when the relationship goes up! but sadly as of now those photos aren’t included in the photos that u need to unlock with gems :frowning:

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