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Saw this

And it reminded me of Megaloceros.

So majestic!


Megaloceras is probably a distant ancestor of all deers

Not quite.
Its actually more closely relates to the Alaskan moose and Fallow Deer than Elk and other deer with thinner antlers.

Good to know

Awesome! Now let’s mix it with a friggin’ crocodile and see what we get

Fallow Deer are the closest living relatives to Megaloceros.

The deer in the pic is a Red Deer. Another fun fact here. The image has been edited. Their antlers don’t curve like that and if you look closely you can see the minor details that give it away as an edited photo. They did a good job with it though

I can’t see the edits.

Fake or not, still beautiful.

It was edited very well not easy to noticed without a trained eye. I have viewed and edited a ton of photoshop pictures. So, it stands out to me.

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It must be edited.
The antlers show a much too perfect heart shape

Seen this :woman_facepalming::sweat_smile: