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Sawmaw and Murmurquill Nerf

The musings of a former champion.

  1. Breeding odds are way too high.

I predicted the breeding odds would ruin the game 6 months ago. Everyone wants every dragon to be easily attainable because it’s not fair that only a select few have something. Well now everyone has them and now that’s unfair because y’all have to play against them all the time. Well duh. That’s what happens when you make stuff easy. That’s like expecting everyone to make equal money whether you work at McDonald’s or you’re a CEO.

  1. Sawmaw and Murmurquill were too powerful.

I genuinely think they were overpowered compared to every other dragon in the game. However if the breeding odds were down at .5% vs 6% imagine how much more balanced arena would be. Let’s say that 50% of arena teams have both equating to 50/100. Now picture if only 4/100 had both because the odds were 12x (.5% vs 6%) less. How much different the landscape of arena would be. Most of those teams would be top 100 and the rest would be average dragon teams.

  1. The nerf.

I swear Ludia doesn’t actually take time to consider various options. They just react. They’re like a 6 year old with no impulse control. First off the size of the nerf was completely unnecessary. There was a lot of middle ground. Why not 30% of 180% to start? See how that plays out. Why not just ban from arena altogether? Maybe they could’ve slowed the spirit speed down slightly. There was a lot of middle ground to placate both sides rather than their extreme reaction.

  1. Conclusion

Ludia really doesn’t understand any sort of market research vs dumbing the game down to appease the lowest common denominator. They focus on things like increasing the breeding odds by 10 fold because people asked for it, but then have to nerf the same dragons the people asked for because now they’re too common. Where’s the adjustment to arena bots? Where’s the adjustment to max level 50? Where’s the new content in story mode? Where’s higher level alpha dragons? Where’s all the bug fixes? Where’s accurate arena cheat detection? Where’s another flight club or arena trust point dragon?

Focus on improving the game itself and the rest will come. Had they not buffed breeding odds and instead made some more equally difficult to obtain and powerful dragons, while making sure the game evolved and improved, none of this would have occurred.


I agree with you for 100%. They just could ban them from arena and no one could complain.


I disagree on the breeding odds. It made the game overall more pleasant. Agree on the way they nerfed those two though and I think I’m one of those pushing for the ban idea for certain dragons in arena. I wanted murmur and Sawmaw from day one for my dream team and at that point didn’t waste a single thought on any forms of pvp mode. Also I will probably stop playing arena altogether as soon as I have the trust dragon maxxed. Never cared for fighting others, just want my flock to grow.


I agree with the ban but I feel like some players would be even more pissed if they were banned (because some players forgot that the game isn’t all about the arena).

However I disagree with the breeding odds (the game is waaay more fun now, I’m actually more motivated to breed dragons). However i’ve seen some players that still want the breeding chances to be increased, from…reasons.

I’m wondering what was in the dev’s minds when they made them that strong.

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Certainly agree Ludia is missing the bigger picture all the time. Many of us predict things would go wrong a long time ago, Ludia just didn’t care and kept on, now this happens and I truly wish they could learn something.

Another explanation for Ludia’s reactions may be that we, people on the forum, are barely their target population. Perhaps they care more the people that are voiceless but have been paying them no matter what. We don’t know who else is out there playing this game and certainly do not observe Ludia’s data.

That said, I would be amazed if Ludia has been making strategic bad decisions and could survive in this age. Where is the invisible hand of market economy?

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