Say No to the I-Rex and Indo abominations

I was just wondering if anyone else has deliberately by-passed or is otherwise running a team without either of the noob-a-saurs, I-Rex and Indoraptor? If you do, I salute you for not going along with the heard and hype and seeking out and developing an original and unique team and strategy. Well played! :woozy_face:

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I’ve actually been thinking about removing my indominus from my team. Just don’t know what to replace it with.

My highest non team dinos are tany, paramoloch, and alankysaurus

I like the movies and absolutely love dinosaurs. So beside trying to collect them all I think it’s fun using a dino I saw tear stuff up in Jurassic World. Same reason I still use the Stygimoloch. With that being said I’m also a mostly Free to Play guy (I bought a few lvl up incs when I first started and maybe one or two random deals since, but I never spent more than $10 on anything and I decided about two months ago to spend no more money. So not sure if that makes me F2P or not.) …anyway, being a mostly F2P guy I have to build what I can to progress in the game. Currently working on Stegodeus and Allosinosaurus also, but I-Rex was finished first. You’ve gotta work with what you’ve got. Also, I try to have some class when using cloak, I understand that it’s easily exploited.


I run one if not both.

To be fair, I run indo because I need the cleanse, speed and defense shattering. I absolutely use evasive too. Too many 30 stego and 29 trago running around.

And far, far too much tryko.

Evasive allows me to take most tryks down.

Regarding indom, its a great way to deal with otherwise very hard to take out dinos - such as rinex, and dilo. Yeah, cloaks needed here. I need to live long enough to hit them - and hit them hard.

In both cases (indo and indom), I only need to dodge once.

Dont get me wrong, I hate that its a 50% to take no dmg. I asked months ago to have this redone. Make it dmg reduction by 50% or something.

But as it stands, its very difficult to be competitive without it.


I benched I-Rex a good while back. No way I’m benching Indo.


ROFL if I start with indo rap I can usually finish with Indo rap & Indominus hard counters the bleeder spam! I don’t see why you would avoid raw power!

I keep I-Rex on my team as my “insurance” dino, just in case it looks like I’m up against someone who had far too much free time or money and has more in the way of heavyweight legendaries on their team.

I don’t usually get to use her - one particular battle was actually won by my Ankylocodon. LOL

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Anky is no joke. Ive faced a few lvl 29s, and their crits hit hard…

It’s that slowdown that gets you. I’m usually spamming slowdowns on my opponent with Anky. The only dinos I swap her out on are the big carnivores like Rexy or Allo.

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I finally benched my Indominus a few weeks ago because I was tired of the RNG gamble. I absolutely love my Indoraptor though! Last weekend’s event allowed me to level him to 27, and due to his speed and strength I usually don’t have to use evasive.

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As long as “noob-a-sauruses” like Diloracheirus and Utarinex exist, I will keep spamming that dodge…


Indoraptor a “noob-a-saur”? So 90% of players are noobs then :laughing:

Many players have high level Raptors… thousands and thousands of DNA… And Rex WAS an easily found Epic… So who’s gonna pass the opportunity to create a legendary like Indominus? And later on, the same goes for Indoraptor.


I benched my IRex at 4200 as I was stuck there , couldn’t move up , and I was sick to death of the rng make my cloak never work . So out it went , and I replaced it with Tryostonix at the same level (20) and two weeks later I’ve just hit 4500 . Indoraptor has stayed though , and I very rarely use the evasive with her .


I am at around 4300-4500 trophy range and my indominus has been benched. It is only benched because I don’t like having to turn to cloak and there aren’t many rinex, dilorach and high level spinos down where I am, otherwise I would use it. Also I would want to get it at least to lv22 before putting it back on my team, but my rex dna is going towards tryko.

I’m not there yet, but I figure most players eventually bench I-Rex, since it becomes fusion DNA for Indoraptor

Maybe I should follow op’s advice and lose with pure breeds instead of loosing with top rated dinos.

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Is this some sort of reverse psychology? Dur oh no these dinos are newbs better put Einasaurus on my team instead!!

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I have noticed my Indominus seems to be getting hit a lot more than he used to while cloaked. So I took him out & replaced him with Postimetrodon. Both are lvl 20 & have immunity Posti takes an extra move to get the job done most of the time, but sometimes he gets it done just as quick as I-Rex.

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The main problem with Indom, as has been stated many times in this thread already, is that most people will eventually bench it.

Its not a bad dino or anything. It’s just that most players will need the resources elsewhere, and won’t take her past her hybrid level.

I would consider benching Indoraptor, but I like winning?


I used to avoid using dinos that can dodge for a long time. I finally caved in and brought Indo on the team and it has made a big difference. I don’t always use evasive but i will if i feel it’s necessary. Or out of desperation. I’ll use Monomimus too once i can get it to a usable level. A high level I-rex can be a nightmare these days.

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