Saying Hi


Hi! I’m new to the forum. Been playing JWA for a while and really enjoy it. Just wanted to say hi and start chatting here on the forum.:grin:


Hello and welcome. Make sure not to feed the trolls. :slight_smile:


But feed the T-Rexes at every opportunity. Hello!


Hi! I’ve been playing for a little while, but I’m new to the forum. So far people are really friendly and willing to offer tips from their experience. Welcome and have fun!


Hi there (20 characters)


Welcome to the jungle… Have fun! :blush:


Welcome @Dilopho4us! :grin:


Welcome to the funhouse!!


If you are wondering why people post (20 characters)

You have to post at least 20 characters in every post so as a joke when they don’t have 20 characters they post (20 characters)


Welcome! Feel free to flag me to get your first accomplishment badge on the forum, lol.


Wait! We can feed our dinosaurs! Where is the Dino feed store at?

Allot of mine look at me like I am lunch meat!


Hey!! Welcome :+1:great place to be is her won the forum ! Lots of info shared ! Enjoy my friend :+1:


Lol! Thanks for the welcome guys! And the heads up on the 20 characters joke :joy: