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Scale shop & repeatable weekly quest (& guild trading?)

So i have the same problem that probably many people have. scales!
There are not to many ways to get them. But there can be interesting (and balanced!) ways to help:

Could there be a Scale shop added in the future?
as example, 1x 1* scale > 5000 coins - 1x 2* scale > 25000 coins, (or maybe fish instead)
of course this needs a limit, a good limit would be (in my opinion) max 10 scale purchases per day. (2* scale counts as 2)
3 star scales should never be sold as they are supposed to be hard to get.

Also maybe a repeatable scenario? currently we have one that gives fish/coins, maybe there could be one added that gives 1 or 2 scales per time (again, never 3 star scales)

also a fun and usefull feature could be a weekly resetting scale quest, which you can choose the colour from. (maybe a hard final boss stage with 1x 3* scale of choice?) do not make this quest resettable with runes or anything to prevent it from being overpowered. really limit of 1 a week.

At last (we discussed about this for some time with all our clans)
We would love to see a (dragon) trading system in the future. Which means player A and player B can trade dragons with eachother, with a 50 rune fee per trade (+25 for every star higher then 1)
also this will most likely have to be limited to 1 trade per person per week.

scale shop (without 3 scales)
*weekly resetting scale quest (colour of choice)
*possibly a repeatable scale quest (instead of fish/coins
*trade system (guild only)

I’m pretty sure many people will like this, and balanced too! :face_with_monocle:


I agree that the abundance of Dragon Scales is a problem. There are so many ways to fix this.

decrease scale cost to Train a dragon
give more scales on repeatable quests
add a shop to buy scales
change Hatchery so that Common gives 1 or 2 star dragons (like it used to be)

Doesn’t really matter how they do it. But, Ludia does need to address this problem.


Thank you for the detailed suggestion and feedback @RavenousEye.

I’ll share it with our developers!

Hey, I completely agree & have raised a topic on this previously.

I am now at the stage of giving my toothless his final * but I have zero 3* purple scales & require 5 of them, which I’m guessing will take around 5 weeks since you get a single 3* scale of colour through the week & my team with a bp of just 6200 was unable to take down the last dragon team to actually get 3* scales meaning it will take me longer.
I understand it is only the 5 needed for the final star but there’s only the one way to get them- they don’t appear randomly in any chests etc & unless you have a team capable of taking down the entire dragon team you aren’t going to get any for a long time.
Also I’ve been putting in a lot of effort to work my way through, I’m at level 42 now, I’ve bitten the bullet & subscribed for the extra rosta space etc as I’m currently breeding a lot of dragons several of which are 5* where I am going to encounter the same scale issue.


I don’t really see a problem with the 3* scales. I’m currently nowhere close to getting a 5* dragon trained to the max of 4* and yet i’m already able to beat the certain final stages (Green, red, blue) without too much difficulty and my Bp is 5132. So i’m guessing you are just unable to beat the stages because of you aren’t using the right team for the stage.

I don’t think you should get them in any other way then at the final stage of the Scale search, since i believe they are something you have to earn rather than being a reward from a chest.

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Could you share a screen shot of your team that beats 3 star scales quests please. I have a strong team 6k+ but can only complete yellow. Thx.

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Is there anywhere I can check how many 3 star scales I have? I can only find it when I need to train my dragon at the final stage. It would be nice to have an inventory of resources or something like that.

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You can click on a 5* dragon that’s currently at level 4 to see scales for each color

Thanks but I know that, I wrote it if you read back my message. I asked if you can see it else where? Because I only have one 5 star dragon on 4 star, so I don’t see the other colour scales. But thanks.

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Cuts through 3* scale quests like butta

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Green and Yellow: Team in the picture
Red: I switch Brute-Wurst for The Frosty Sparguard
Blue: I Switch Tripfire for Revenger

Note: my dragons have become quite a bit stronger compared to when i first replied to this post (Tricky and Copsekeep have become 4*)

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@Zhyan That’s pretty insane that you can take down 3* scales quest with a team that BP lower than 5500. I’m only able to take down yellow (with 4* toothless and 4* gloomleer) and red (with 3* lightfury and 4* tricky two-heads).

My team is around 6k BP but can’t complete the remaining 3* scales cuz lacking of good green and yellow dragons, especially 3* purple scales with murmurquill…

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I completely agree @GenVeers. I was all excited when I got both of my Toothless dupes within a week of each other due to the update. Toothless was going to be my first 5 star dragon to max out, and I was finally going to be able to level him up from 3 to 4 stars, and then within a short time to 5 stars. I saved up resources and dragons to feed. Moved Toothless from 3 to 4 stars and maxed him out at 4 stars in about 2 days. Went to train him and feed my second dupe and… I don’t have any 3 star scales. I didn’t know we needed them. I didn’t even know how to get them.

I’ve still not managed to max my Toothless because I’ve only managed to earn 3/5 of the needed three star scales (missed another one again this week). And since this unbalanced update, I don’t have a lot of runes to spend on buying multiple extra lives in order to finish one game, especially when I often die in the first round of the purple 3 star quest before any of my dragons even manage to earn enough spirit to use their special abilities.

I have been able to earn quite a few three star scales for other colors. I don’t know how many, though, because I don’t have any 4th level 5 star dragons other than Toothless, and that’s the only way you can see how many 3 star scales you have.

Anyway, I absolutely understand and share your frustration.


He’s talking about purple scales, not the rest (those are easy) try going against some murmurs and shifties then you’ll get his frustration


First off, you are necroing an old thread.

Secondly, I have done purple quests and yes they are more difficult. But they are still beatable if you are using the right team (and if you don’t face murmur + murklurkers those two combined in 1 wave is extremely annoying especially if you have a lot lower bp than what they want you to have).

First off, if you haven’t noticed, a lot of people do that. You even see it in this thread so why mention it to me?

Secondly, just because someone can’t beat the 3* purple quest doesn’t mean that they are using the wrong team, because it’s practically impossible without revives/7k bp team. Don’t justify that you are right by saying you can beat other 3* quests as it is not the same thing. I find it offensive that you’re doing that especially when someone is genuinely doing their best and judging by their level, knows what they are doing with their dragons.

My team is 6k too and I can’t beat them, am I using the wrong dragons as well?

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First off, the person that necro’d this thread before you had a proper reason to do so, while you are here just to try and vent your anger for being unable to beat a stage.

Secondly, i merely suggested (based on my experiences of those other 3* scale quests) that he may be using a wrong team of dragons and should take another look at them to maybe find out why he’s been losing those battles.

And lastly, my main team isn’t even 6k bp yet (and the team i would use for purple 3* stage is probably around 5.5k bp) and yet i already have all my 5 3* scales that i need to upgrade my toothless to 5*. (And no I normally don’t need to use revives to beat those not even when murmur is present. The only stage of those i probably can’t beat is when murmur appears alongside murklurker.)


It’s actually thanks to @Zhyan (tip of the hat to you, btw) that I realized BP wasn’t everything and began to pay more attention to my dragon’s abilities.

And although I don’t have all 5 scales needed to get to 5* with Toothless, I have 3. I would have had 4 if it weren’t for today’s 3* purple scale having Shifty Murklurkers and Mythic Murmurquills.

Anyway, to that point, my best team just brushes against the edge of 6k. And when I fight all the various 3* scale battles, that ranges anywhere from 5500 to 5700. The only purple ones I’ve lost since is because of that deadly duo. And I don’t use revives either.

It really does make a world of difference.


Nice team!!!