SCALE SHORTAGE & 3 star hatching- Pointless?

Guys, just wondering about increasing scales available, having a full team of maxed out 4 star dragons which took all my scales basically in both levelling up and hatching the 2 star dragons required to feed int them… I now have a awesome team but I got Toothless this morning, I have a 5 star dragon & 2 other 4 star dragons to work on & I have practically zero scales for them.

The scales I get from the daily quests get used for hatching to level up as I try to keep the coloured scales I need but I don’t think there is enough scales.

Also. Does anyone bother hatching 3 star dragons or is this pointless? I am now at level 39, I have the second 3 star hatchery upgrade but I don’t feel it’s even worth spending the coins & waiting the time it takes to upgrade this… & 100 eggs? When you have the scale shortage I have & the beefy dragons just gobble up 3 star dragons with a very minimal difference to them gobbling up a 2 star dragon.

I am trying to reach level 40 to reduce the the epic breeding time as fast as I can but the hatchery upgrade’s are seeming redundant to me at this level.

What’s the other thoughts on this?

I have used the 3-star Hatchery once. It costs too many eggs.

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Need to learn to balance use of scales. If they were plentiful, what would be the point of havj)ing them as a Resource?

I would use less for hatching as that is where you can control usage. Sucks that they took 2* out of level 1 hatching and then sold it as a benefit, but it is what it is.

I hear you Talisax, it’s just the waiting that gets hard.

Trying to move past 36:50 on Hooligan Timberland to get some much needed red scales & my 6000 strong team are not cutting it! Now feel like I ain’t progressing until I get my bigger * dragons levelled up.

Spent my time growing this 4* team as I didn’t have any 5* until I did & now have toothless & the blazing Phoenix as well as some new 4* and yeah guess it’s just making smart decisions on which dragon to work on first. I have an abundance of 2* scales for all colours even with all I have done already so wonder if the scales are uneven!?

The hatchery does need looked at I think there’s very little advantages to hatching 3*

I agree. The only reason I hear for using is to waste coins (not a problem for me as I’ve had two days of play ever being at max coins and still dont have fully upgraded buildings for my level)

There is also a late hatchery upgrade (the 2nd to last one I think it will be) allowing you to hatch 3 eggs at a time so that might be useful even if you don’t ever hatch a single 3* egg

As far as the scale requirements to hatch eggs… I’m still salty about the change that made 2* hatches cost scales and am super stingy about that. I think they will have to rebalance the hatching economics at some point.

I do hatch 3* (random color) dragons when I am overflowing with coins and/or eggs but that isn’t often. The 3* hatch options are for extremely end-game or high-spending players only at this point.


Not sure what to say about tour scales. If you have 1500 maxed out dragons with 10/10 ability - congrats, game over for the most part. If not and by maxed out you mean max leveled until the next training which you don’t have a copy for - then you are doing it wrong. You don’t hatch color specific drsgons until you have like hundreds of scales stored and your dragon is like 4-5star trained and has a 10/10 ability. Until then - you hatch solely 1stad dragons and use them to level your primary dragons with highest %upgrade per XP gained, which is 3% for 1star of the same color.
If there are any unnecessary 1star dragons - you train one 2star of that color, then feed it these 1-2stars for the “level up 10 dragons” duty until level 11, at which point you no longer can clear 2 levels with 3x1star or 2star+1star. The you feed this level 11 dragon to your primary dragon of choice.

As for 3star hatching - yes, it’s pointless. I used to dump some gold there, because gold is infinite, but figured that you are much better off with 10dragons to process in the above mentioned manner. After all - gold cap is hardly a big problem.

Color specific 3star hatching is even worse - a 2star scale and 150 shells, plus an even longer hatching time. Really not sure why would anyone do it. Even if 2star scales aren’t a problem - shells are always useful.

color specific 3 star dragons are actual benefitial… for example, look at how many fish are needed to level toothless if you dont do color specific hatching


thats why I hatch 3* purples so it wont cost that many fish to level up Toothless.

And that is why I recycle dragons. And get 2-3 Hard Chests every 24 hours.

Games like this are about luck and resource management. You can’t control luck, but resource management you can. If you hatch one star dragons, you don’t spend scales, but you spend more fish. Find a balance. Obviously spending all your scales on 2 star dragons bottle necked you so learn from it and readjust.